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Part II: How to Choose Appliances for Your Kitchen Renovation

Now that you have looked into the brand, size and type of your refrigerator, as well as your stove and oven, you need to look into other essential appliances to be used in your kitchen.


  • The ventilation system. One thing that most people forget when they do kitchen renovation is to ensure that their kitchen area is properly ventilated. Range hoods overhead and down draft systems are important – and as common sense dictates, they should be placed right above the cooktop. Ask your renovation specialist to know what ventilation is needed for your kitchen.
  • Dishwasher. Many families here in Singapore do not actually bother to purchase a dishwasher during their home renovation. However, if you are one of them who actually do plan to purchase one, remember that the size of your family and your lifestyle determines the type of dishwasher needed for your home. There are so many models – from high end models to low end models, to simple manipulation or complex controls. As usual, you have to remember to keep note of the energy efficiency qualities and the warranty period.
  • Small appliances. When you say small appliances, it usually covers rice cookers, steamers, boiling pots, slow cooker, mixers or blenders. Remember that although these are small appliances, they do matter. Choose from a brand that you trust and note the warranty offered for each small appliance. Remember to note the energy consumption required by each small appliance as well. Read reviews, if you must.

Choosing the right set of kitchen appliances for your home should not be stressful. It should be a great experience for you. If purchasing all these appliances will be painful for your renovation budget, you always have the choice to purchase them one after another. The right appliance will complement the aesthetic and functional aspects in your kitchen so choose wisely.

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