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Part 2 – High End HDB Interior Design on a Limited Budget

In our previous article, we discussed a few tips on achieving a high end look for less for your Housing and Development Board (HDB) home. Here are a few more tips to help you achieve that classy, high end look without breaking your budget:


  1. Take note of the architectural details. A high end interior design involves artistic arches, luxurious mouldings, chair rails and panelings. Note how tasteful their windows usually are too.
  2. Use large objects to emphasize space. Bigger accessories create the illusion of sophistication and class. It comes with the belief that bigger accessories cost more. When you are wondering which furnishing to choose, choose the bigger one and not a few smaller pieces to get a high end look for less.
  3. Add a wow factor to your home. Browse through the multitudes of design magazines in Singapore of interior design websites and comparison sites to get ideas. A large chandelier, colourful walls and even quirky decors will do the trick.
  4. Utilise the light. High end interior designs make use of light from various sources and various angles. If you have a painting, add a light to highlight it. You can use overhead lights for every room of your house and have various lamps for different activities. A chandelier would look great too.
  5. You can find cheap alternatives online. Browse through online shops to find items for your home. You may also visit IKEA. They have a wide range of goodies there which look sophisticated but are well suited for any budget. It is up to you on how you put them together to create a high end interior design for your HDB.
  6. Add plants and flowers. Flowers don’t cost much but they instantly brighten up a home.

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