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Part 1 – High End HDB Interior Design on a Limited Budget

Who does not want a fabulous and high end interior design for their Housing and Development Board (HDB) homes? Since many of us are practical enough to think about our budget, we need to be conscious of how much we spend to attain that high end look without going overboard. Not many people can afford to hire well acclaimed interior design companies; so luckily, we found a few easy tips to achieve a high end look without overspending. Here are a few high end interior design tips for your HDB:

  • Always remove clutter and keep enough storage spaces. One thing high end interior designs have in common is that it avoids clutter at all costs. Subtle storage spaces are key elements in high end homes. So make sure you have enough closets and storage spaces to put your things away. To make it look classy, avoid getting a conspicuous storage box or wardrobe. Subtlety is also one the key elements for class and sophistication.
  • Have an overall plan for your HDB interior design. It is important to plan out how things will work together so you can decide on the furniture and furnishings to purchase. This includes planning the location of your light switches, door bell, lamp shades, patterns of your pillow, bed linens, overhead lights and others.
  • The smallest things matter. In creating a high end interior design for your home, remember that the smallest things matter. Things like bed linens, pillowcases, towels and rugs all play a part to make your HDB interior design as splendid as possible.
  • Invest in some vintage pieces. Find some one of a kind, artistic pieces for your home. It might be worthy to invest in classic paintings or antique items.

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