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9 Ways Paint Can Turn Your Home From Blah To Wah!

You can make or break it with paint. It is the one tool that can create a big difference to the ambience of your home. If you’re at that stage of your home renovation where you’re choosing colours for your new home or if you just want to spruce up your existing place with a new coat of paint, consider this:

Warm hues like red, orange or even beige create a cosy and inviting atmosphere. They tend to make a room feel smaller, so avoid if you’re trying to expand the visual size of a space.

Design: Museum Homes

Cool hues on the hand, like blues and greys can give the impression of a much bigger space as the colours tend to “recede”. They offer a soothing atmosphere, suitable for spaces like the study or bedroom.

Design: Chapter B

Pro tip: Keep in mind that the undertones of a paint colour are important. Colours like brown can have either a cool or warm undertone, and what you choose will affect how your space appears.

Paint isn’t just about warm or cool colours though. There are many ways you can work with it to create instant pizzazz to your home. We take a look at some:


1. As A Headboard Design

There isn’t a need to get a headboard when you can create one with paint. To add a sense of drama, extend it all the way to the ceiling.

The circular motifs in this one complement the rest of the curvaceous pieces in the room:

Image source: Pinterest


2. Inspiring Your Penchant For Procrastinating

Tendency to leave things till the last minute? This paint job will serve as a daily reminder that you should act now.

Image source: Dulux


3. Spotlighting An Awesome Nook

Paint can be used to highlight certain areas at home. They can be used as a “room divider” of sorts, helpful if you still want to demarcate the different functions at home while still retaining your open concept.

Image source: Dulux

Design: The Association

Image source: Pinterest

Image source: Pinterest


4. As An Abstract Wintery Landscape

If you want to feel like you’re in the winter mountainous landscapes of Switzerland 365 days a year, there’s the choice of painting your wall like this:

Design: Distinct Identity

We like that the paint design connects with the built-ins and the rest of the furnishings in the home so it doesn’t feel like it’s out of place.


5. Creating An Intentional Unfinished Look

This paint job is particularly great for a kid’s room because it’s so intentionally ingenuous. Uneven lines and an unfinished look make it seem like it’s done by your three-year-old.

Design: Free Space Intent

But it works in a grown-up’s space too. This look below emits a casual vibe, and it adds an element of surprise that will have your too-polite-to-ask guests silently wondering if you’re too lazy to finish up the paint job:

Image source: Pinterest


6. Creating irregularity in a regular room

Regular-shaped rooms are a blessing because they are so easy to design and buy furniture for. But regular is often well, boring. To inject a bit of personality, create an intentionally irregular look with paint.

This one helps to frame up a corner of the room, while lending a bit of sunshine into the all-white space:

Image source: Pinterest


7. Showing Your Love For Geometry

Geometric geeks, you would love these styles. This origami look was trending since 2015 but we don’t see it fading any time soon. It’s a bold statement that instantly changes a drab, dull wall into something fabulous.

Design: Free Space Intent

Design: The Scientist


8. Emphasising Wall Decor

Do you have favourite pieces of décor that you want to shine the spotlight on? Use paint and matching floating shelves to create a quirky detail for your space. The best part? It’s entirely DIY-able.

Image source: Pinterest


9. Feeding Your Narcissism

Make the space your own by painting your initials on the wall. The bigger the letters, the bigger the ego, they say.

Image source: Pinterest


We hope these paint ideas have got you inspired! Let us know which you look you’re thinking of trying in the comments below.


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