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Open Concept Bathrooms Design Inspirations

As our apartments shrink in size over the years, open concept bathrooms are slowly making a come back.
This is because having an open-concept bathroom visually enlarges a room since it allows more light into the space, adding a soothing spa-like touch to the place while creating more sensory depth and a relaxing ambiance.
However, some homeowners might not be comfortable with the open concept design since bathroom is the most private space in the house. In addition, there might be concerns on humidity seeping into the room.
Nonetheless, fret not!
Here are some popular ideas adopted by homeowners worldwide.
Glass Bathroom Walls
Homeowners can choose to replace one of the bathroom walls with glass.
In this way, the bathroom appears connected to the rest of the room whilst keeping the humidity in.
Decal Glass Bathroom Walls
Adorning the glass bathroom walls with decals or motifs creates a cute peek-a-boo effect.
Bathroom Blinds, Tinted Glass & Bathroom Curtains
If decals or motifs are too dramatic , homeowners can opt for blinds, tinted glass or even curtains for added privacy.
No Bathroom Walls!
For added ventilation, adventurous homeowners can consider bringing down the entire bathrooms walls.
In this way, it means better air circulation and less humidity issues.
Furthermore, it is very convenient to make the way to the bathroom in the middle of the night; just walk around one wall and go out by the next!
My Thoughts
I adore open concept designs since such design helps to unify separated areas, ensures continuity of space while reinforces the feeling of openness. This is especially important for diminutive apartments which are smaller than 4 room HDB flats or 3 bedder condominiums.
In addition, I prefer the use of glass walls to separate the water-closet and shower areas from the rest of the room in order to contain the noise and errm…smell while using the bathroom.
Nonetheless, I hope this post has inspired you to consider having an open concept bathroom design.
Do have a great week ahead!

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