15 Online Furniture and Furnishing Stores (that are not IKEA)

  • Oct 28, 2020

For when you don't want to get out of the house.


1. For resort style furniture – Island Living

Island Living is your go-to source for all things tropical. Lots of rattan and wood furniture in their natural finishes as well as resort pieces like daybeds, giant terracotta vases and tropical prints to complete those holiday vibes. And all at really affordable pricing. Like!

Visit: https://www.islandliving.sg/
Delivery: Free, for orders over SGD80

2. For high-end rattan furniture - Ong Shunmugam

If you recognise the name Ong Shunmugam as a womenswear label, you wouldn’t be wrong. But they’ve since ventured into homeware and furniture and boy, do we want our hands on them. The pieces they carry are one-of-a-kind, typically with Southeast Asian influences by incorporating elements like batik for instance. They are focusing on rattan furniture and tableware for now with most items requiring a lead time. But good things come to those who wait right?

Visit: https://ongshunmugam.com/collections
Delivery: SGD20 for local addresses

3. For intricately carved wood furniture and gorgeous bone inlay pieces – Celson

This online store carries larger handmade furniture pieces like buffet tables, study desks and chest of drawers primarily made from Mango wood and bone. They come with intricate designs that will make your furniture the centrepiece in any space. There are also smaller home décor accessories for adding to cart on a whim.

Visit: https://celson.sg/
Delivery: SGD49.90 for standard shipping

4. For teak furniture – NH (Naturalis Historia) Teak

Extensive range of rattan and teak furniture here. You can find anything from nightstands to shoe cabinets to TV consoles. Most of the pieces are in their natural finish, although you can request for them to be painted in the hue of your choice—for a bespoke price of course.

Visit: https://nhteak.com/
Delivery: SGD50. Free, for orders SGD500 and above

5. For a modern and timeless aesthetic – Crate & Barrel SG

While they do have a retail front at ION Orchard, it’s a lot easier to see this American furniture brand’s entire array of furniture and furnishings online. They don’t have a specific style but their pieces are usually well-made with a clean, modern and timeless appeal. Definitely the sort that you will carry along with you even if you shift homes.

Visit: https://www.crateandbarrel.com.sg/
Delivery: Free, for homeware SGD500 and above and for all furniture

6. For pre-loved pieces with a history – Hock Siong

Antique hunters will definitely have heard of Hock Siong. This secondhand furniture store has gone online so you can buy your pre-loved pieces with greater ease. Expect to find treasures from hotel closures and beautiful refurbished pieces you don’t see anywhere else.

Visit: https://www.hocksiong.com.sg/shop/
Delivery: Free, for orders above SGD300

7. For your lighting needs – Shiok Lighting

If you are sourcing around for lights, give Shiok Lighting a visit online. From table and floor lamps to chandeliers and pendants, this store packs quite a decent range. Some of the designs can be seen in places like *cough* Taobao *cough*, but the advantage of getting yours from them is that the pieces are guaranteed to come in one piece with no broken bulbs. Plus, they are priced reasonably so there’s no need to burst your lighting budget.

Visit: https://www.shioklighting.com/
Delivery: Free, for orders above SGD300

8. For silky smooth and soft bedding – Sojao

If you are looking to sleep in luxury, you will want to get your sheets here. Sojao's sheets are 100 percent cotton, a material best for all-around comfort and breathability. Get them in a bundle set or separately. No fancy designs here. The sheets are single toned and neutral, guaranteed to match with your existing bedding.

Visit: https://sojao.shop/
Delivery: Free

9. For affordable (but decent) replicas – Iuiga

Launched back in 2017, this mainly online lifestyle retailer carries cheaper copies of products from well-known brands like Muji, Joseph Joseph, and WMF. From home accessories to kitchen ware and most recently furniture, Iuiga has quite a bit of everything. They did get into trouble a while back with Muji for using their brand name to market their products, but that didn’t stop them or their popularity. It also helps that their pieces are genuinely decently made too. Online reviews for most of the items are pretty comprehensive so you know what you’re getting into before purchase.

Visit: https://www.iuiga.com/
Delivery: Free, for orders over SGD88

10. For a wide selection of rugs – Ruby Slipper Rugs

Shop the comprehensive range of rugs from Ruby Slipper Rugs. The brand carries four kinds of rugs: Indian cotton dhurries (which are thin flat-woven rugs), Indian jute dhurries, wool rugs, and Moroccan rugs. The rugs are all handmade by local artisans and the brand ensures the sustainability of the products. Can’t find something that fits? There’s an option on the site for you to design your own rug, where you can choose anything from the material to the pattern of your piece.

Visit: http://www.rubyslipper.com.sg/
Delivery: Free, for local addresses

11. For unique tableware – Lovera Collections

Don’t want to be basic with your tableware? Then you will need to shop at Lovera Collections. This online (and physical) store carries a range of unique wares sourced from all over the world with new collections dropping in every now and then. You can buy entire dinnerware sets or if you like to mix and match, individual pieces are also for sale. Designs are typically maximalist (think loud floral prints), but you will also find collections that feature cleaner and simpler styles.

Visit: https://loveracollections.com/
Delivery: SGD6.50. Free, for orders above SGD130

12. For beautiful furnishings that double as decor – Eloise the brand

Eloise the brand is a local maker of fashion accessories and homeware. What’s unique about the brand is that their collections are thematic, and each release is based on muses or concepts that have inspired them. For instance, the two collections currently available on the online store are inspired by the coast and the modern woman. You will see pieces of pottery and woodwork with organic forms, some of which are too pretty to be purely for function.

Visit: https://www.eloisethebrand.com/
Delivery: Free, for orders above SGD120

13. For beautiful wooden wares – Kraton Home

Kraton Home sells handcrafted wooden homewares and crockery, which are made from ethically sourced wood from Java. These wood types include teak, Indonesian rosewood and sapodilla wood. The store also carries Indonesian-made textiles like throws and blankets as well as bamboo and rattan baskets for all your home organisation needs.

Visit: https://www.kratonhome.com/
Delivery: Free, for orders above SGD40

14. For sustainable homeware – ByKuraHome

For those of you who’ve always wanted to live more sustainably, getting your home essentials at ByKuraHome is a good place to start. Shop for stuff like collapsible lunch boxes, reusable mesh grocery bags, silicone stretch lids for keeping leftovers, and even “Avocado Huggers” to store a cut avocado for later.

Visit: https://bykurahome.com/
Delivery: Free, for orders above SGD50

15. For global style accessories – Living DNA

Here’s another rug retailer for you to choose from. They carry a very comprehensive range of wool, synthetic, leather, cotton and jute rugs, with most of their rugs either made in Turkey or India. If you are looking for other home furnishings, Living DNA also carries an assortment of baskets, kitchen ware, lighting and décor accessories. Their aesthetics tend towards the bohemian and global style, suited for homes with plenty of personality.

Visit: https://livingdna.sg/
Delivery: Free, for orders above SGD100

Did we miss out on any of your favourite online furniture and furnishing store? Let us know in the comments!


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