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Now You Can Get an Award-winning Designer Product at IKEA

IKEA has always been popular for its wallet- and household-friendly designs, but that positioning tended not to gel with winning prestigious designer awards. After all, don’t those go to really stand-out, avant-garde products designed with a lot of forward thinking? Well, after the 2015 Red Dot Design Awards on 29th June, IKEA can stand tall with designer giants and say the same for their PS 2014 Pendant Lamp.


Beating 4,928 other submissions from 56 countries, the IKEA PS 2014 Pendant Lamp was awarded “An Honourable Mention” for its intelligent design. The lamp changes shape from a globe to a comet-shaped structure with the pull of a cord, which surprises with a mechanically simple but effective dimmer function. Its glowing core resembles a ball of fire and, when fully opened, casts interesting light effects on its surroundings.


“When people look in glossy magazines and they find their lighting dream, it’s often connected with a thousand-Euro price tag. We want to turn this aspiration into reality by enabling creative statements–like the IKEA PS 2014 Pendant–with a small price tag,” says Bjorn Block, Range Manager at IKEA.


We chat with the person behind this award-winning design—Mr. David Wahl, Swedish designer and IKEA Product Designer, and pick his brains on what makes good design.


1. Congrats on the win, David! What inspired you to come up with the Pendant Lamp?

Out of all that I’ve designed for IKEA, the Pendant lamp is my favourite so far. The design is a bit different and unexpected, and is influenced by my love for sci-fi movies and video games, which I like a lot. And even if the lamp stands out visually, it doesn’t take much room – perfect for anyone who lives in a small space.


2. What is good design to you?

In IKEA, we design from our five aspects of “Democratic Design”. These are guidelines to help designers and product developers create better products. The five points are: Form, Function, Quality, Sustainability and Price. I personally like products that can be used in many ways and that are a bit surprising and fun as well!


3. How do you think your background has influenced the way you look at and think about design?

I have always enjoyed drawing, playing instruments and creating things since I was little. My father is a sculptor, so probably that has influenced me as well. I think that it is important to have fun and play, that keeps the creativity going and you can come up with many new ideas.


4. Scandinavian design is a huge influence on international design trends. How is it like to be a designer in Sweden? Is there a lot of competition? In your opinion, how open are the Swedes to other design trends?

Sweden has many good design schools, and a large amount of designers. The competition is of course very tough, but it forces young designers to find their own style to stand out of the crowd. Swedish designers like to be updated on international design trends as well.


5. What are you still waiting for to design?

I like all kinds of projects, as long as they are challenging and fun!

The IKEA PS 2014 Pendant Lamp in Silver (left) and Copper (right)

Get inspired by forward-thinking design by visiting the Red Dot Museum, where the winning products will be on display for four weeks at the special exhibition “Design on Stage”. If you’re thinking of purchasing an IKEA PS 2014 Pendant Lamp for your home, we love that it comes in turquoise and orange at IKEA stores. But for a thoroughly sci-fi feel, the silver and copper editions will be available come August!

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