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Nov 2020 BTO Bishan: Unit Analysis for Bishan Ridges

It would seem quite a number of BTOs launched by HDB in November 2020 are located close to MRT stations. Bishan Ridges is no different. The centrally located BTO is less than 10 mins away by foot from the Bishan MRT station, an interchange for two MRT lines (Circle and North-South). We take a closer look at this upcoming BTO and see which units to pick if you are lucky enough to get a decent queue number.


Besides its close proximity to Bishan MRT and the adjacent mall, Junction 8, Bishan Ridges also houses its own on-site amenities. The site plan features an area to the west of the site showcasing a number of retail shops, an eating house and a mini mart.

Sports and outdoor enthusiasts will be pleased to know that the BTO is also next door to Bishan Stadium, Sports Hall and Swimming Complex. The Kallang Park Connector is nearby as well, stretching along the Kallang River and linking you all the way to Bishan-Ang Mo Kio Park.

Our site visit on a weekday morning found the area to be relatively quiet, save for the bustling traffic along Bishan Street 14 and Street 13. We believe the site could be busier when it’s not during the school holidays, as Bishan Ridges is surrounded by a school and an MOE language centre.

The traffic situation along Bishan Street 14.

Bishan Ridges. Site photo was taken on November 2020.

Bishan Ridges. Site photo was taken on November 2020.

Considerations when choosing a unit at Bishan Ridges

1. Bishan Depot

While we didn’t hear any noise coming from the depot during our site visit, train maintenance and cleaning works would inevitably create some form of noise pollution, even though HDB has taken care to minimise the impact by locating the car park where it is as a form of buffer. However, the car park is only two storeys tall, so any units above that will still be impacted. Avoid these stacks if you don’t want to risk it:

532A: 108, 110
532B: 116, 118, 120, 122
532C: 132, 134, 136, 138, 140, 142
535C: 540, 542

2. Traffic noise

We noted that traffic noise levels hovered between 60 to 65 dB during our site visit. Not overly loud, but not the quietest either. Bishan Street 13 and 14 are relatively busy streets (though they aren’t arterial roads), with plenty of buses passing through. As mentioned, both streets (and therefore traffic) are likely to get busier once school starts since they lead into the nearby schools.

If you don’t want to be disturbed by traffic noise, avoid these stacks:

532A: 100, 102
532B: 112, 114, 124, 126
532C: 128, 130
535A: 500, 502, 504, 506

3. Unblocked views

Because of Bishan Ridges’ sprawling towers, a lot of the units would actually get unblocked views. These include stacks facing the existing HDB flat Blk 182 (which is around 7 storeys high), the schools (which are around 4 to 5 storeys high), the 2-storey carpark/Bishan depot and the 2-storey commercial facility on the site.

Bishan Ridges view

Image: Google

Like stacks facing the depot, stacks facing the schools (MOE Language Centre and Kuo Chuan Presbyterian Secondary School) will also be impacted by the day-to-day activities there. Noise levels will be particularly high during school hours. This is especially the case for stacks facing Kuo Chuan, as the units there will be facing the school field. Do consider this when choosing your unit for its unblocked views.

All stacks will get relatively unblocked views (Note: Applies to higher floors. Take note of the structure you are facing), save for these stacks:

532A: 100, 102
532B: 112, 114, 124, 126
532C: 144, 146

4. Away from the afternoon sun

In Singapore, our hot afternoon sun comes in two directions. The north-west direction from March to September and the south-west direction from September to March. As such, if you’re looking for a cooler unit, avoid stacks that have the main areas of the home facing these two directions. These are the units to pick:

532A: 108, 110
532B: 116, 118, 120, 122
532C: 132, 134, 136, 138, 140, 142
535C: 540, 542

Interestingly, these are the same stacks most likely to be impacted by the potential noise from the Bishan Depot. Also do note that these stacks will likely get the eastern morning sun.

5. Privacy

Don’t want your neighbours looking in when they walk pass? These are the best stacks to choose:

532A: 102
532B: 114, 124
532C: 130, 132, 146, 148, 150
535A: 500, 506, 508, 514
535B: 520, 522, 530
535C: 534, 536, 540, 544

Extra tip: For staggered blocks (532C, 535A and 535C), some stacks on certain levels will also be corner units with privacy in addition to the ones we’ve listed above. Check HDB’s 3D model of Bishan Ridges (usually ready during the unit selection period) to find out if your unit will get you the privacy needed.


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