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Nov 2017 BTO Site Analysis and Unit Selection: Northshore Edge (Punggol)

In the previous BTO sales exercise that took place in November 2017, Punggol was one of the two non-mature estates that was launched along with Sengkang. It was the second most popular estate during exercise, after Eunos Court in Geylang.

The site, named Northshore Edge, is situated at the end of Northshore Drive, located just beside the current Marina Country Club, which will eventually be redeveloped into high-rise buildings. It’s also alongside the highly anticipated BTOs, Waterfront I and II @ Northshore, as well as Northshore Residences I and II, which are still under construction.

Possible sea view?
There are only 4 and 5-room flats available at this estate, located within 3 residential blocks, each 21 to 22 storeys high. Depending on how tall the future high-rise buildings on the Marina Country Club site will be, top-floor units at Northshore Edge may or may not get a waterfront view of the sea and Punggol reservoir.

Close to Nature
We like the location for its proximity to nature. It’s located close to park connectors (During our site visit on a weekend, we saw plenty of cyclists – amateurs and professionals alike), the Punggol Waterway Park as well as Coney Island.

The site is located in between two LRT stations, Nibong and Samudera (opened in May 2017), each approximately a 5-minute walk away. It is a 20-minute walk away from Punggol MRT and town centre, which the LRT stations are linked with.

Within the plot itself, Northshore Edge will see its own childcare centre, located at Block 402 on the 1st storey. In addition, there are plenty of developmental plans in this Northshore district, according to the URA:

Source: URA

There are neighbourhood centres situated within the nearby BTOs at Northshore Residences (Northshore Plaza I) as well as at Waterfront @ Northshore (Northshore Plaza II), so future residences at Northshore Edge will be able to take advantage of that. If HDB’s marketing is anything to go by, it should be pretty exciting and filled with a supermarket, enrichment centres as well as plenty of shopping and dining options.

Source: HDB

Construction Industry Park
This BTO site is also close to the Construction Industry Park, which is a construction site and mainly a landing and stockpile site for sand and granite imports. It sits on the reclaimed Pulau Punggol Timor and sees a combination of industrial plants and workers’ dorms. Currently, a second link bridge (Seletar North Link) is being built to connect it to the main island. Vehicles going by this road will pass through Northshore Edge.

Unit Analysis

Traffic Noise + Activity Zones
Get a unit from an inner stack, if you’re hoping to avoid traffic noise. The BTO is surrounded by roads, but we think the units (Stacks 24 and 22 in 401A) next to Seletar North Link will be noisiest with heavy vehicles moving in and out of the Construction Industry Park.

Go for these units:
402B: 52, 50
402A: 44, 42
401A: 30, 28, 26 (Stacks 28 and 26 face the 2-storey carpark, so best to avoid units on the lower floor in these stacks)

While the inner stacks have lesser traffic noise, they face activity zones like the fitness stations, playground, and the roof gardens. So do note that if you’re thinking of opting for a unit in the inner stacks.

Western Sun
Most of the units here do not face the western sun directly. Avoid the ones that do: Stacks 30, 28, 26, 24 in 401A. There are also a few units that are cooler than most:

402B: 52, 50
402A: 44, 42, 40
401A: 32, 34, 20, 22

Facing the LRT and School
There are a few 4-room units facing the LRT line and a future school. While the movement of the LRT doesn’t create a lot of noise, there might be concerns over privacy issue. School-facing units also aren’t ideal, as it can be noisy particularly during school hours. Avoid these units: Stacks 22, 20, 34, 32 in 401A.

However, a school usually has shorter buildings than residential ones, so there might be relatively unblocked views for flats at the higher floors, if you’re facing the school.

Privacy from Kaypoh Neighbours
Finally, if you don’t want a nosy neighbour peeping into your home as they get from the lift to their own flat, these are the units to pick:

402B: 56, 54
402A: 38, 40
401A: 24, 22, 30, 32

We hope this helps with your unit selection at Punggol’s Northshore Edge. Look out for our site and unit analysis of the mature estates, Geylang and Tampines, launched during the same November 2017 BTO exercise. If you’re opting for a unit at Sengkang’s Anchorvale Village and Fernvale Glades instead, check out our analysis here.


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