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Not sure what’s your home furnishing costs? This guide should help you!

“So, how much does it really cost to furnish an apartment?”


Hummm….this is certainly not an easy question to answer.


Well, some homeowners furnished their abode for less than $20K while others blew over $60K. In fact, there is no hard and fast rule since it all boils down to their budget, needs and lifestyle.


Nevertheless, in my attempt in trying to answer this question, I have came up a simple info-graphic which serves as a guide on the typical furnishing costs.


Again, please be mindful that the actual cost of the furnishing will differ as the price really depends on the design, dimension, material, make and country of origin.


Lastly, do share if you find this info-graphic handy!Do check out the Renovation Planning Checklist infographic and the Renovation Budget & Expenses Tracker too!

Have a great weekend! 😉



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