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9 Not-So-Common Headboard Ideas for Your Bedroom

We often regard our headboard design as an afterthought when doing up a bedroom. Most times, we settle for the one that comes with our bed frame. But perhaps we should change how we think about the headboard as it plays a big role in anchoring your bedroom and making a visual impact. If you tired of the same old designs, see these not-so-common headboards that are turning heads.

1. Wall Panelling

Wainscoting is a formal way to dress up empty walls, but they can serve as a beautiful headboard for your bed. Do up a half-wall for a conventional headboard height or a three-quarters one for a majestic feel. We like this particular square and boxy design, which adds a more modern spin to the classic picture frame moulding.

Design: 19EightyThree

2. Shelving

If you are short on space, have your headboard do double duty as storage. This headboard shelving idea also works as a nightstand—triple the win! But what’s really impressive is that it’s also a study table on the other side. Talk about multifunctional.

Design: Adroit Interior Design

3. Marble

For something a little more extravagant, go with a solid marble wall. With beautiful natural grains and a cool surface to touch, it’s luxury at its finest. If you can’t afford to splash out on your headboard, a marble-print quartz surface will bring you a similar level of class without the extra pinch.

Design: Black N White Haus

4. Scallop-Patterned Upholstered Headboard

Mermaid or scallop patterned tiles are all the rage in kitchens, but why shouldn’t this motif appear in bedrooms too? Here, it manifests itself as an upholstered headboard, in an oversized scale and retro orange hue no less! Having it reach the full height of this bedroom wall definitely makes a big visual impact to the space.

Design: Free Space Intent

5. Painted Outline

If you are looking for chic and cheap, a painted headboard is one way to go. We like this designer’s idea of painting out a city skyline in a contrasting hue. The neon yellow against the navy blue wall is so on-point!

Design: Studio Abby; Styling: Make Room

6. Tiles

Who knew tiles can also be used as a stylish headboard? Sure, you don’t get that soft cushiony comfort, but you’ll get lots of textural and visual interest in exchange. For this headboard design, long and lean black marble print tiles were laid in an herringbone style for a sleek and stylish statement.

Design: Vän Hus Interior Design

7. Laminate Cut-Outs

Different laminates were cut out to form an eye-catching headboard design for this bed. Mixing pastel solids and woodgrain tones makes things just a bit less conventional.

Design: Versaform

8. Ventilation Blocks

Rows of ventilation blocks were stacked together to form this headboard design, giving this modern bedroom a little local old-school twist.

Design: Free Space Intent

9. Wood Slab

For a touch of nature and rusticity, consider getting a custom wood slab as your headboard.

Design: The Local Inn.terior


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