5 No-Reno Updates to Give Your HDB or Condo a New Lease of Life

  • Jun 21, 2021

Home renovations in Singapore are typically limited by many rules and regulations. With HDBs and ECs, they are bounded by HDB guidelines (the first 10 years for ECs), while condominiums are usually subjected to the policies of the MCST (Management Corporation Strata Title). When it comes to updating a tired home, it can therefore be well, tiring to find out what can or cannot be done.

So when we came across the 3M™ DI-NOC™, a flexible self-adhesive vinyl film that is able to entirely transform parts of your existing home without any hacking or drilling work, we were definitely keen to learn more.

An easy, hassle-free way to update a tired space? Not having to jump through hoops to change up parts of the resale flat or condo we've just purchased? Yes please!

Here are some ways to use this surface material:

1. Update your kitchen cabinets

The kitchen has slowly evolved from just a place for cooking to a place to entertain, for people to gather for meals, and for some, it has also become a centre for work. As the heart of the home, there is no better place to start your home revamp.

Tackle dated kitchen cabinetry with 3M DI-NOC. Its heat-, moisture-, scratch- and stain-resistant properties means this vinyl film works great for a hardworking and semi-wet zone like the kitchen, which sees high traffic and is often subjected to wear and tear due to daily use.

A series of tests were done to show how stain resistant 3M DI-NOC Films are.

Maintenance is a breeze on 3M DI-NOC too—all you need is to wipe down surfaces with a damp soft cloth, while mild detergent can be used for more stubborn stains.

BTO Kitchen 3M DI-NOC
Go from gloss to matte to minimise fingerprints showing, which can be a real problem for handle-less cabinets like these. Featured on the kitchen cabinets: PA-320.

Condo Kitchen 3M DI-NOC
Add visual dimension to your kitchen by changing out a plain and blah design. Featured on the upper cabinets: AE-1637.

Don't like the standard kitchen palette your condo came with? Get the colour of your choice with 3M DI-NOC. Featured: FW-1127.


2. Make your front door part of the theme

Looking to make a great first impression of your home? You'll want to start at your front door, which is the first thing everyone sees. Avoid being basic by switching out the standard door designs of HDB flats with 3M DI-NOC Films.

Yep, you get a brand new facade without having to change out your door—how's that for good fortune? We recommend going for something that reflects the interior design in the rest of your home so that things will feel a lot more put together.

Change BTO Door with 3M DI-NOC
A textured screed-like design to mirror an industrial style within. Featured: AE-1683.

Pale wood shades complement Scandinavian or Muji themes. Featured: FW-336.

Scuff marks, unsightly scratches begone! Featured: PS-1183.

PROMO ALERT! Now there's even more reason for you to switch out your standard BTO front door. Jestac, the local distributor for 3M DI-NOC, is offering a promotion on Shopee for their BTO door packages! Prices start from $710.

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3. Go big by swapping out your plain ceiling

3M DI-NOC also works on the surfaces of your home like your walls. But if you are really looking to make the biggest visual impact with very little effort, look up to the ceiling. It makes sense, seeing as it is one of the largest uninterrupted surfaces at home.

The vinyl film comes in a wide array of choices—think over 1000+ designs!—and you can find ones that mimic natural materials like wood, stone and metal. For the minimalist, there are also solid hues for the picking.

Featured in this walkway’s ceiling: WG-1708. It imitates the shade and grains of warm walnut wood.

The bedroom’s false ceiling is swathed in AE-1719, which features a stucco effect. The dark hue against the rest of the white ceiling helps to add depth and a conducive atmosphere for sleep.

A close-up of the AE-1719 film.

4. Conceal your bomb shelter and DB box panels

Bomb shelters (AKA household shelters) and DB box panels tend to stick out a mile, especially if you’ve spent a lot of time making sure the rest of your home fits a single theme.

Unfortunately, these structures are here to stay in a lot of HDB flats and condos; they are also often subjected to a lot of rules and regulations to what you can or cannot do with them. For instance, HDB stipulates that you cannot do any hacking and drilling work on and within bomb shelters.

Most homeowners conceal the bomb shelter door and DB box panels by erecting an extra panelling over them. But for an easier solution with minimal reno downtime, you will want to go with 3M DI-NOC Films.

Clad your bomb shelter door with a surface finish that matches your nearby carpentry. Featured: PA-183.

Add elegance to your foyer by shrouding your DB box panels in a dark wood shade. Featured: AE-1719.

>>Read more: 10 Ways to Make Your HDB Bomb Shelter “Disappear”


5. Revamp a passé carpentry design

Whether you are inheriting someone else’s poor carpentry design decision or just want a facelift for your dated built-ins (whose styles have gone past their due date), 3M DI-NOC Films allow you to change things up without needing to hack away the existing carpentry.

By selecting a timeless pattern and colour, you get to have a design that will stand the test of time. You also get to stay with your built-ins for the long haul because of the film’s premium quality that not only enhances durability but also minimises peeling.

Future proof your home with a subtler woodgrain pattern. Featured: FW-1770 & PS-903.

This foyer shoe cabinet's trimming was changed from black to a rose gold tone for an elegant vibe, showing that even the smallest of changes can make a big difference. Featured: PA-320.

The farmhouse barnyard style falling out of trend? Switch it up with an understated taupe hue. Featured: WG-1378.

Go from a dated feature wall to a timeless one without needing to replace the carpentry. Featured: PS-959 & ME-486.

This article was brought to you by Jestac. For sale enquiries and more information on 3M DI-NOC, go here.


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