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New Spring Collections by IKEA

What does Spring mean to you? To us, it’s a fresh take on the deep, muted tones of Fall and Winter, the start of a brand new seasonal cycle and time for lots and lots of colour! This April, IKEA brings a slew of new collections to our shores, all aimed at breathing new life into the coming year.

Small and white, clean and bright

IKEA is known for its streamlined designs, and that’s exactly part of its charm. We know that if we need just one piece of furniture, IKEA’s the place to go to for Scandinavian simplicity and friendly prices.

And that’s actually the philosophy behind their updated 365+ Collection. By paring down cookware and cutlery to the bare essentials, IKEA offers a line of home-friendly products that will never look out of place.

IKEA 365+: Simple cookware in classic styles that will complement any décor.


The whimsical

Daydreamers, idealists and chronic doodlers will fall head over heels in love with this collection.

Nothing warms the cockles of your heart more than this adorable ÖNSKEDRÖM collection. In fact, you just have to click the link to see why. Go on!

Like fairy dust, sprinkle joy and light-heartedness all over your home with mugs, cushions, rugs, posters and more, all with these whimsical prints to brighten your everyday.

IKEA365-ÖNSKEDRÖM collection


Too cute for words

This collection might be sized for the wee ones, but if we’re being honest, we too find these baby textiles irresistible!

Dressed in elephant motifs and earthy colours, the warm and fuzzy CHARMTROLL collection evokes a motherly embrace and the story of Disney’s Dumbo. Everything about this collection is snug and comforting, with terry towels, quilt covers, blankets and soft toys, so much so that we can’t help but find them simply huggable. Get a preview here.



Too cool for school

Is prim and proper furnishing not up your alley? You can now channel those street sensibilities in your décor with posters from IKEA’s Art Event 2015 collection. A collaboration with 12 street artists from around the globe, IKEA Art Event is a limited edition collection so be quick if something catches your eye!



You don’t need to be a rebel at heart to appreciate these vivid artworks. Explore more here.

With so many charming additions, you’ll be tempted to dress up your home — just for the sake of it.

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