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This new smart mirror lets you live like Iron Man

Hello, I’m Tony. Yes, the Tony. And this is my pal, Fred. He’s a mirror. But well, he’s a really smart one. So smart, that he’s almost like a manservant.

He wakes me up in the morning, tells me that I’m brushing my teeth wrong – that dude is full of sass – and then proceeds to make my coffee while giving me the lowdown on my sleeping patterns from last night.

Pretty impressive huh.


Here’s how he works

You see, Fred runs on Android. And you know how much I love Android and its near infinite possibility for things. There are in-built apps within Fred, like music streaming service Spotify and Netflix (The Crown, anyone?), but you can basically download any applications supported by Android via Google Play.

So for instance, say you want to read your health vitals e.g. fat percentage, weight, bone density first thing in the morning. Link up a fitness tracker like Fitbit to Fred by downloading the Fitbit app and the data will be synched to the mirror. Or if you need someone telling you how to brush your teeth, link up with smart electrical toothbrush Kolibree and Fred will do that for you. He even tells me how many times I’m brushing on each side of my teeth. (Man, that mirror needs to give me some space.)

Fred also connects to any smart devices using Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or a USB cable. So for folks out there who are just too damn lazy to make your own coffee, Fred can do that for you. Just link him up with a smart coffee machine like Nespresso Prodigio, which can be connected via Bluetooth, and your favourite brew will be waiting for you every morning.

But here’s where it gets crazy. You know my super awesome high-tech smart home? That used to be (and still is!) a fantasy for many folks out there (you know who you are). But with Fred around, it’s no longer so far-fetched. All you need is to connect your home appliances to the mirror, and viola! Smart home.

Imagine creating different moods in your living space with smart lighting, setting your robot vacuum to work even when you’re away, or keeping your home safe with a smart home security system. Like I said, the possibilities are endless with Fred.

What I also like about Fred is that he also comes with an air purifying component that employs this technology from Japan. Germs and bad odours are sucked in and chemically altered. Clean air is then produced and released. And no fussy filters are involved. Japan = pretty awesome.


He is just gorgeous

Fred is all 15.6 inches beautiful. He is sheathed in this aluminium case that is coated in this sophisticated champagne gold hue. It’s luxurious and prestigious, which is totally me.

You can fit him anywhere in the home and he blends in perfectly. In the bedroom as your vanity mirror? Doable. As a mirror feature in the living room? So possible. All you need is a single electrical outlet to plug him to life.

If you’re wondering if he’s going to get black spots that come from moisture built-up in the long run, no, he isn’t, because Fred’s also waterproof and anti-mist. Yep, he’s cool like that.

So what do you say? Want to live like me?

Fred is retailing at US$1,950 with a limited quantity of 500 units, and is available to order at Enjoy up to 12 months 0% instalment plan. Delivery in Singapore and international shipping are complimentary.

Renonation readers are entitled to a special discount. Simply enter the code “Renonation” during checkout and receive a US$150 off purchase. The offer is valid for one month, from 19 April 2017 to 18 May 2017.

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