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This New and Efficient Air Conditioner Measures Both Temperature and Humidity So You Can Keep Cool for Less

Staying cool in hot and humid Singapore usually means switching our air conditioning to full blast 24/7. Unfortunately, that is typically accompanied with an astronomical electricity bill. If you’re looking to reduce the costs of your bill while still keeping things cool, it’s imperative that you get an efficient air conditioner that can work hard without adding extra costs.

LG has recently introduced a new line of air conditioning called the Multi V 5. This air conditioner is equipped with a Dual Sensing Control technology that measures both temperature and humidity levels so as to manage your room’s climate more efficiently, allowing you to save on your bills while surviving through the sweltering conditions of our hot weather.


Cools efficiently

In Singapore, heat usually isn’t the only reason why you’re feeling uncomfortable during a warm day. The high humidity plays as much a role, as moisture in the air makes it harder for us to release heat from our body through perspiration. This is why it feels even warmer in humid days than in more arid day even though temperatures are the same.

Conventional air conditioners are usually built to only monitor temperature levels. But in our tropical climate, it’s also essential to have an air conditioner that tracks humidity as higher humidity levels tend to translate to higher temperatures.

And LG’s Multi V 5 does that. Sensors are built into its outdoor unit and the remote controls of the indoor unit to detect both temperate and humidity outside and inside your home. The air conditioner tracks the measurements to the smallest detail so the unit can run more efficiently, helping you reduce costs while giving you maximum comfort based on your desired temperature setting.


Cools consistently

The dual sensor technology is also equipped with a comfort cooling function that maintains operation at mild cooling mode without stopping in between operations so you can get a consistently cool temperature indoors.

Comparing with the Multi V 5’s predecessor:


Cools powerfully

Besides the dual sensor technology, the Multi V 5 features a biomimetic fan design – which is based on the fins of a humpback whale – that increases air flow rate while reducing power consumption. A single outdoor unit can therefore provide a large capacity of up to 26 HP.


Cools faster

Its ultimate inverter compressor operates from 10 Hz to 165 Hz. This wide range means it runs efficiently even at part load and it also means it is able to reach your desired temperature that much quicker.

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