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National Day Special: 10 Red And White Home Accessory Ideas

Stand up for Singapore, do the best you can. Reach out for your fellow man, you’ve got to make a stand. It’s time to break out in lively song and cheer because our Little Red Dot is turning 51 really soon! That is quite a milestone; we’ve really come a pretty long way but there’s still an entire journey ahead of us. Are you doing anything special to celebrate the occasion? We have 10 simple ideas on how you can invite a little more of the Singapore spirit into your home. Red and white all the way!


1. Modern Ceramic Cat Sculpture @ $30

Smooth and shiny cat figurines cast in red and white are, well, suitable for almost any setting, really (at least cat lovers would agree). Their poised and simple postures make you want to get a whole bunch to scatter across shelves and tabletops.

By: Unique Edge


2. FAMNIG HJÄRTA (Cushion) @ $9.90

Love is a wonderful thing. Sometimes it comes in the form of a heart-shaped cushion, complete with two adorable arms that look like they’re ready to squeeze the air out of you with a tight hug.




3. Ceramic Cupboard Door Knobs @ $4.50

Opening the cabinet to retrieve plates for dinner has been made more fun thanks to these adorable and fun-looking bulbs that resemble little mushrooms and balls of hard peppermint candy.




4. POLARVIDE (Throw) @ $.4.90

How about this soft fleece throw to wrap around your shoulders when it’s getting a bit chilly in the theatre?



5. Creative Flower Vase @ $172

Here’s stylish container for you to put your flowers in. Oh, wait. Actual flowers might not be needed since there’s already a pair of beautiful silver roses hanging on the outside.

By: Ceramics life


6. LJUST (Jar with lid) @ $4.90

This little pot might look really basic on the outside, but don’t be fooled by its elementary appearance. Not only is it suitable for a variety of purposes (storing food and leftovers, a serving bowl, etc.), the transparent lid is helpful when you’re trying to find that box of dried raisins amongst other things. You could buy a ton of these and have them stacked neatly against the wall; functionality at its best.




7. Cushion (Price upon request)

Grab your chips, sit back, relax, and enjoy watching the National Day Parade on TV as you lean back against one of these plump and comfy cushions.

By: Dickson Avenue



8. KALLAX (Shelving unit) @ $99

Want your furniture to do more than just stand there? On top of looking good from every angle, this simple and chic piece can be used as a room divider as well.




9. Wilko Colourplay Dinner Plate @ $1.80

Apart from its simple and stylish design, this dining ware is also dishwasher and microwave safe. Well, what more is there to say? Convenience is key for the modern man.

By: Wilko



10. LACK (Side table) @ $19.90

Because it looks good, is easy to assemble, and is low-weight and easy to move around when needed, this side table is an ideal option for almost any household. My family has several of these at home and we’ve been using them for some time.



We hope you found the list of items useful in some way. With that, wishes Singapore a very Happy 51st Birthday!

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