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Mirror Mirror on the Wall

While there are no lack of magic mirrors in Fantasy Land, we normal people have to make do with ordinary ones. Such mirrors won’t verbally tell us how good we look, but they are more than just shiny accessories that you hang on the wall. Here are 4 ways why getting a suitable mirror will work magic for your home décor.


A well-placed mirror invites light into a dark corner and makes your home look bigger.

Having a reflective surface means that the mirror is able to bounce light rays around to make your home look brighter and more spacious. This works well for areas where softer lights are typically used, e.g. dining room. Likewise, horizontal mirrors make walls look longer while floor length mirrors draw the eyes upwards in an illusion of height. Avoid putting your mirrors so high up that you can’t see your entire head or too low for the tallest member of your family to see their whole face. Looking for something colourful? Then a mirror like this Metal & Acrylic Framed Mirror from Nook and Cranny Living will make a flamboyant addition to your home. (Price: $109)



They encourage good vibes and positive energy within the house if used appropriately.

In Feng Shui, they are said to represent the element of water and positive chi. Mirrors such as the Cattelan Italia Diamond Mirror from Molecule Living are also symbolic of one’s self and clarity of mind so it’s paramount to keep them well-maintained. Clean and polish the mirrors on a weekly basis so they remain bright and clear. One way is to wipe the mirror with a soft cloth to get rid of the dust, before spraying a mixture of white vinegar and warm water on it. Then use crumpled newspaper to polish it to its natural sparkly self. (Price: $2,500)



You can also make an artistic statement with mirrors.

A singular mirror will do much to expand the space visually, but a collection of mirrors can be a great artistic statement as well. Some designers recommend using mirrors of a proportionate size that match the wall itself. For example, avoid using small mirrors on a large wall. You can, however, consider getting a few mirrors of different sizes and paint them in the same colour. Group them on the same wall for a quirky look. Or you might want to consider the Cilento Mirror from Treasure Trove, which is a combination of gorgeous metal details with numerous small accent mirrors. (Price: $525)



Mirrors can add beauty to the home, especially when it reflects the beautiful scenery outside your home.

Do you have a view to die for? Then place a mirror where it can reflect the beautiful scenery into your home, like a second window. Since mirrors are said to double the impact of anything it reflects, a beautiful scenery reflected into your home with the help of mirrors like the Perching Birds from Treasure Trove will enhance its aesthetic value and increase the amount of good vibes. The same goes for wall art or your favourite colours on the adjacent wall. This also means that you should minimise clutter, dirty clothes etc. so they won’t be captured by the mirror and double the psychological impact of messiness. (Price: $675)


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