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Meet interior designers at this intimate session on 8 April 2017

Image: Pixabay

There’s probably nothing quite as stressful as renovating your home. Sure, it’s one of life’s most exciting events, but there’s nothing like massive amounts of coordination to take the joy out of the process.

Here at Renonation, we’re all about helping to ease your renovation process. In order for you to have easy access to a few interior designers in a day, we’ve round up a number of reputable design firms in a single location at our Meet the Designers event, happening on 8 April 2017 (Saturday). No more having to book multiple appointments with different design firms!

What is involved?

The session is free and easy, so you can pick which designers you wish to speak to. There is no obligation at all, so don’t be afraid to ask questions! Bring along your floor plan so our designers can have a better idea of how your home can look like.

Who is involved?

Participating design firms include Copper Design Associates, Sky Creation, The Interior Lab, I-Chapter, Rezt & Relax, In Interior Design and Urban Habitat Design.

In addition, Atlas Sound & Vision will also be there to showcase their range of home theatre systems. So if you’ve always wanted a cinematic experience at home, speak to these folks!

How do I join?

Admission is completely free but slots are limited. To join, all you have to do is RSVP to this exclusive event at

Where will this be held?

The event will be held in the expansive space of OM Furniture at Tai Seng. The store offers a wide variety of quality contemporary furniture and accessories that you can take time to browse.

Among the furniture collections is the Strata Collection, a series of contemporary drawers with minimalist and sleek lines by Israeli designer Gal Tevet.

We manage to find out more about the designer when he recently came over to Singapore.

You seem to wear a lot of hats! Could you tell us a little bit about yourself and what you do?

I believe in hats. Hats for me are activity areas. All my hats have the same source and character—only the scale changes. Some hats are the origins of my creation—music, architecture, and philosophy, while others are where the origins are implemented in reality, like architecture, furniture, construction, interior design and teaching.

How did you become a designer?

Design has accompanied me through out my childhood, growing in different countries such as Africa, Mexico, Italy… where each place and culture contributed to my deepening the knowledge and experience of design.

I was planning to become a musician, but I was always attracted to architecture. In music, I always had a specific interest in the way things come together musically, sensing that there is a deep connection to nature, logic and intuition. Music taught me that, and the rest of my knowledge was acquired when I dabbled in art, design and architecture.

Form and function is often a delicate balance. Do you strive for an equilibrium in your designs, or is there one you lean towards?

I definitely strive for that balance of form and function, and even hold a more extreme view of the relation—Form is Function, and Function is Form—they are indivisible, and each originate in the other.

A beautiful piece lacking in function will not be beautiful to me anymore after a short while. I strive for the timeless effect of doing function based design, and solving it using new form usually in the details, materials, proportions.

Just like many of your designs, I love how timeless your new drawer series, the Strata Collection, is. What did you have in mind when you designed the collection?

The six-drawer chest from the Strata Collection

I had in mind a natural geographical phenomena called Strata, where layers of stone get accumulated along time on the other with each layer leaving its mark on the other, and always in movement. Strata, as a collection, uses a language of changing widths that denote movement and layer stacking. The strata detail (a soft movement from thin to thick) can be found in different parts of each piece in the collection.

It’s also incredibly functional as well—the pieces are transformable and semi-modular.

What tips can you offer homeowners here when it comes to selecting furniture for their homes?

The Leaf-U coffee table by Gal is also available at OM Furniture

Select pieces which do not dominate the space. Rather, select pieces that create the space, and can become a part of its envelope, create flexible use, and keep a calm and inspiring ambience. That is, an environment that is suited to the human condition and oozes warmth, cosiness and meaning.

What trends, in terms of furniture design, do you see coming in 2017?

I see a gradual return to nature as inspiration, more modest designs, and a tendency to search for the timeless factor in the design and using noble materials which keep nature intact.

What do you hope to see more of in furniture design?

The night stand from the Strata Collection

I would love to see as much design, which looks simultaneously to the past and to the future; pieces that reference both in a special way. This approach helps to create timeless designs, which remain relevant along time, through materiality, detailing, simplicity and sophistication. I wish for design to be minimalist and warm, while comforting people and challenging them at the same time.

The Strata Collection will be available at OM Furniture.

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