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Make Your Small Home Look Bigger (V) – Fabrics

This is not a common mode of decoration in Singapore, but fabrics do contribute vastly to making your home feel luxurious and cosy. On top of window dressings, ceilings, and colours, furniture as well as art and wall decor, fabrics are a good way to add variety and aesthetic value to an otherwise ho-hum room. Here are some tips to choosing the right fabrics for your home.


Fabrics in general:

  • Want a timeless look that won’t go out of vogue? Then choose fabrics in neutral colours and patterns instead of those that are currently fashionable.
  • Fabrics in neutral colours and patterns will also serve as a great background for your accessories and furnishings to shine.
  • If you love bold colours, then use them in items that can be easily replaced e.g. cushions, rugs, and throws.
  • Before you consider upholstering a sofa, take a few fabric swatches and see what they look like under different lights for a few days.
  • For small rooms, avoid sofas upholstered in stripes or floral patterns as they may be too overwhelming.

Area rugs:

  • When choosing area rugs, pick one that has a personality of its own and a size that matches your room. Don’t leave too much floor exposed or this could make your room look smaller. A larger rug will connect your furniture pieces into one cohesive concept.
  • Area rugs also set the mood for the room. In fact, some designers will advise you to base your overall theme on the design of the rug.
  • There are a few ways to place your furniture with an area rug. If you want your room to look well-coordinated, then place the legs of the furniture firmly on the rug. Otherwise, have some furniture stand entirely on the rug while others only have a couple of legs on it for a playful take on furniture placement.
  • Can’t find a large rug that you like? Then go for two small rugs to create a bigger impact.
  • Don’t forget to use anti-slip underlays to hold the rug securely to the floor and provide padding for the feet.


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