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Make Your Small Home Look Bigger (IV): Art and Wall Decor

So far, we’ve discovered how window dressings, ceilings, and colours and furniture can contribute to making your small home look less like a bird cage and more like a luxurious home. In today’s edition, let’s take a look at utilising artwork and wall decorations to dress up your home in most flattering way possible.


Using art or wall décor to beautify your walls

Want a quick fix to filling your empty walls? Then gather a few of your favourite art or wall décor for an interesting take on your home design. You don’t necessarily have to hang them on the walls though, they can look just as beautiful leaning against the wall on the shelf. Stand-up photo frames are great too. Here are some tips to liven up the walls with some well-placed décor.

  • Go for visual balance by avoiding arrangements that are either top heavy or bottom heavy. Distribute the weight evenly throughout the group of artwork or wall décor.
  • Don’t clutter your walls with too many things; try leaving white space between the items to create a clean look.
  • Avoid hanging your artwork too high up on the wall as this will make them look disjointed from the rest of the furnishing. Opt to hang them at a suitable height so that it looks like a cohesive theme overall.
  • You can also choose to align the artwork with an architectural structure such as the door or window.
  • Wall décor doesn’t always have to be artwork, you can go for an interesting mix of the things you love such as your favourite comic characters, tiled artwork or even vintage mirrors!


Here’s a tip before you start nailing your walls: make paper cut-outs that are similar in shape and size to your artwork or wall décor. Take some time to arrange them on the wall before you make your final decision. After that, you simply have to hammer the nails according to your paper arrangement and tear the paper right after. No more nailing mistakes!

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