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Make Your Small Home Look Bigger (III): Furniture Placement

We know that window dressings, ceilings, and colours play a major part in visually enlarging your home. Furniture, too, can mean the vital difference between a cluttered space and a stylish room. Here are some helpful tips you can easily use to transform your home.


Seating Arrangements:

  • Avoid lining the room with furniture as this will make a boring box out of the space. What you can do instead is to place the sofa away from the walls, even if it’s a few inches, to create depth and thus more space all round the furniture.
  • Choose armchairs and sofas with slimmer arms to create a less weighty appearance and free up visual space. Armless love seats will look great too.
  • Choose a focal point e.g. TV console and arrange your furniture around it.

Coffee Table:

  • The purpose is to help visually expand and connect the family of furniture in the living room
  • Its ideal distance from the sofa should be 12 to 24 inches.
  • Its size should ideally be two-thirds of the sofa you have. For narrow rooms, go for a long and slender one.
  • Avoid cluttering the coffee table with too many decorations. An elegant vase or even a tasteful (but not too many!) choice of the latest magazines will do wonders for your room style.
  • When buying a coffee table, see if you can get a higher one so you can benefit from the extra space under it or a clear acrylic/glass table.


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