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Make Life Easier at Home in 4 Smart Ways

How would you like to make life easier for you and your family at home? If you are in the midst of planning the renovation for your new home, here are 4 things to include on your to-do list so it will make living at home more convenient for everyone.




1. Bedside Lamps

You might think that bedside lamps are not necessary. After all, it’s just a matter of flipping the main switch when it’s time to go to bed! But if you find yourself constantly falling asleep on your bed without switching off the lights, then installing bedside lamps might help you save on the utility bills. The convenience of having lamps within arm’s reach is likely to “encourage” you to switch off the lights before you hit the road to dreamland.

Whether it’s a wall lamp or a table top lamp on a night-stand, such lights are also particularly useful for the elderly because they don’t have to feel their way in the dark to the bathroom or to the main light switch.


2. Power Sockets

While scrutinising your renovation quote, you might have come across extra charges should you want to install additional sockets. If you’re very sure you can make do with the existing ones in the new home, then by all means strike them off the quotation. But before you do that, scrutinise your lifestyle habits to ensure that you come up with a good electrical points plan that answers 3 questions:

  • Does it serve a purpose?
  • Is it accessible at all times?
  • Can it cut down on unnecessary cable extensions?

For example, an additional power socket along the passageway to your bedrooms will help you greatly when it comes to vacuuming. You don’t have to keep unplugging the appliance or use an extension cord every time you want to clean a room so it saves a lot of effort on your part. You might also want to consider installing a power socket near where you plan to put your sofa, so you can charge your laptop or phone conveniently if that’s where you like to hang out at home. Another crucial point to note is the wire cabling for your TV console. They should ideally be at a location where it’s convenient for you to switch off the various electronics without having to overstretch yourself.


3. Plan Your Kitchen Cabinet Storage

Among the many mistakes you might make while renovating your kitchen is the lack of foresight where storage is concerned. Many of us underestimate the amount of space we need, which will eventually become a problem as our family grows. Everyone uses their kitchen differently, so it’s essential to imagine yourself at the major cooking/preparation areas and visualise what you need within an arm’s reach.

Keep what you need for cooking e.g. herbs and spices near the cooking area while items such as the good dishes that you only bring out when there are guests should be kept away from the work triangle. In short, you might want to consider allocating space for drawers or spice racks near your stove so your cooking process is not disrupted by an awkwardly positioned item. Where possible, go for deep and wide drawers if you have the space. Otherwise, cabinets with pull-outs are just as useful for your everyday usage. Baseboard drawers (under the cabinets) are also another good way of maximising your storage space.


4. Consider Your Family’s Future Needs

The proposed walk-in wardrobe might be a dream come true after years of sharing a cabinet with your siblings (or moms in some cases!). But if you plan to have children in future, then you might want to reconsider that notion especially when you have limited rooms to begin with. Consider your current and future needs with questions like the following:

  • Do you plan to have children? If so, do you have enough bedrooms to accommodate the additions to the family?
  • Are you staying with your extended family? If so, are there any physical needs to cater for?
  • Do you often have guests staying over?
  • Do you cook often? Are you planning to operate a baking business right out of your kitchen?
  • Do you plan to have gatherings often? If so, how big a dining area do you think you will need?
  • Will your home adapt to your physical needs as you grow older and when your children move out?


Such questions are crucial because they help cut down on renovation regrets and help you to be prepared for the future. For example, the spare bedroom that you plan to set aside for your guests can double up as a study or home office so the space is not wasted.

Planning ahead is always crucial in any major (or minor) renovation project, so we hope the above tips will help you create a stylish home that is both adaptable and convenient for you and your family. Sound us out on our Facebook fan page if you have other tips to share!

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