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8 Majestic Modern Victorian Homes in Singapore for that ‘Atas’ Appeal

While the world’s obsessed with minimalism and all things decluttering, we are also seeing a growing interest in styles that are less stark and sterile. Enter interior design world’s new ‘it’ theme—modern Victorian, a reimagining of the ornate, opulent and overly done traditional Victorian interior.

Unlike its heavily decorated cousin, the modern Victorian is less overwhelming and a lot more stylish and suited for our modern sensibilities. Consider this theme as a mishmash of the old and new, the excess and the pared back. What you get is a lively mix that feels romantic as it is practical.

Looking to recreate this look yourself? Take a (gold) leaf out of these modern Victorian style homes in Singapore.

1. A Note on Subtlety

Design: D’ Initial Concept
Type of Home: HDB
Location: Telok Blangah

Much of the apartment is set in a neutral colour scheme, which is in itself a very modern take on the Victorian style. Save for the pastel blush or navy blue accents, the rest of the home is painted in lavish creams, greys and blacks.

A characteristic common in Victorian homes to showcase a room’s importance, wall moulding was used extensively in the living room’s and the bedroom’s walls. A polished marble floor lends a shimmer to the spaces. Velvet is also used frequently in the furnishings’ material choice for a more luxurious feel.

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2. Entertaining Focus

Design: Neu Konceptz
Type of Home: HDB
Location: Dawson Road

As frequent hosts, the homeowners wanted an unconventional setting where the dining area functions as the focal point of the home, instead of the living room. The living room is relegated to the side, but it holds its own in the form of a gorgeous deep green chesterfield sofa.

The dining set takes up a big part of the original living area, with a custom high-back bench upholstered in a high-sheen velvet, paying tribute to the modern Victorian theme. This eating and entertaining area is set against a wallpaper backdrop, which features an elegant metallic sheen.

A subtler wallpaper is used for the private quarters, which is intended to be a restful sanctuary. But it is no less opulent, with the bedroom connected to a generous-sized walk-in wardrobe that was converted from an extra bedroom.

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3. Modern Victorian in Monochrome

Design: Urban Habitat Design
Type of Home: Condo
Location: River Valley Road

Nothing is as classic as a monochrome number. But rather than go stark black and white, like contemporary style homes, this modern Victorian condominium includes a palette of very dark woods, creams and greys to soften the look and to create a cosier ambience.

Lots of patterns were used to make things visually more interesting. In the kitchen, a black-and-white checkerboard patterned flooring takes centre stage, while marble surfaces and an intricate monochrome floral motif steal the show in the bathroom.

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4. Furious Blush

Design: The Scientist
Type of Home: Condo
Location: Tanjong Rhu

Subtlety holds no place in this beautiful apartment that is awash in a warm, almost milky pink. Matte black accents, seen throughout the home and most notably the ceiling cornice, help to temper this loud hue, while ensuring the looks remains modern rather than dated.

Notice the old and new juxtaposition in the open-plan living and dining area. The living room features a modern style sofa with clean, straight lines while the dining chairs take on a lusher, more opulent design. The dining table and coffee table are made in the same material to tie both spaces together.

The kitchen was kept mostly modern and practical, although the hardware was switched out to antique-looking ones to fit in with the theme. The bathrooms were likewise designed to the side of practical, with modern finishes and fittings. Instead, decor touches were employed to add to the glam factor.

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5. Regal Reign

Design: Couple Abode
Type of Home: HDB
Location: Punggol

One of the first things that catches your eye in this apartment is the very regal-looking tufted sofa in the living room. Paired with a smaller, but equally lavish, love seat, the communal space feels like it was made for the royals. Look closer and you will see other elements common in Victorian style houses, such as the elaborate ceiling and wall moulding as well as the ceiling rose (used to conceal the point in which the ceiling light attaches to the ceiling).

The ornate furnishings continue into the dining area and the bedroom. The brushed and brassy finish on the pieces provide a more muted elegance, which alludes to modern sensibilities. This, coupled with a very trendy moody colour scheme, illustrates the juxtaposition of the modern Victorian style perfectly.

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6. Pure Fancy

Design: Fifth Avenue Interior
Type of Home: HDB
Location: Yung Kuang Road

In this apartment, the crisp, all-white interior lends a sense of modernity amidst the more traditional and ornate furnishings. We also see this old and new contrast in the kitchen, where traditional shaker style cabinets are paired with classic subway tiles, the latter the essence of modernity.

The white spaces are paired with gilded touches, from the cabinet knobs to the edges of the furniture pieces, offering opulence and luxury amidst the sense of calm and serenity.

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7. Pinnacle of Sophistication

Design: Cozyspace
Type of Home: HDB
Location: Sumang Lane

Keeping to understated, neutral hues was in a bid to keep the design of the apartment as timeless as possible. Furnishings, while ornate, weren’t overly so, lending an elegant and sophisticated vibe that wasn’t the least bit garish.

The introduction of patterns throughout the flat helps to keep things interesting. Repeated, rather than unconventional, motifs were chosen to retain the timelessness of the space.

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8. Closet of Your Dreams

Design: I-Chapter
Type of Home: HDB
Location: Dawson Road

One of the highlights of this home is the walk-in wardrobe, the entry to which is through a set of glass double doors from the master bedroom. Inside the closet, a faux fur covered bench, an accessory island, gilded hardware and an intricate chandelier evoke luxurious vibes. Wardrobe fronts with grey trimming allude to the accents used throughout the home.

This modern Victorian home is also big on functionality and maximising space. Take for instance the multipurpose communal zone that houses a living and dining area as well as an L-shaped bar counter that doubles as a standing study desk and a divider between the TV and eating zones. In another instance, a low shoe cabinet serves also as a demarcation for the foyer area and a display unit.

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