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6 Luxe Minimalist Homes in Singapore that We Wish Were Ours

Who says minimalist homes need to be stark and sterile? These luxe minimalist Singapore apartments show that you can do clean and sleek while still looking plush.

1. Serene Sanctuary

Design: Sujonohun Concept & Design
Type: Condominium

There is something very zen about this luxe minimalist home. It could be because of the natural and soothing colour scheme, or the simple, clean lines that define the space. Brassy accents and the use of glass accessories bring up the elegance in the home. For a grand gesture, the designer opted to clad the entire bathroom in lush grey marble tiles.


2. Throw a Curve

Design: Kuro+
Type: HDB

This BTO flat comes with a black-and-white scheme, which is conventional in minimalist interiors. But what makes this home different is the use of curves in the space, seen in the TV wall and the kitchen island, which helps to soften the stark palette and straight lines.


3. Light and Lush

Design: The Local Inn.terior
Type: HDB


4. It’s Getting Dark

Design: 0932 Design Consultants
Type: HDB

An easy way to create a luxurious feel for your minimalist home is to go dark. Take a leaf from this moody luxe minimalist apartment, which is covered in dark wood and dark grey marble. Storage and doorways into the private spaces are concealed or made less visually obtrusive for an end result that is sleek and stylish.


5. Three Styles in One

Design: In-Expat
Type: HDB

This apartment manages to be industrial, minimalist and luxurious at the same time, which is no easy feat since these styles are very different. An unpretentious black, white and grey palette was adopted, with the occasional browns to warm things up. Aluminium frames and track lights allude to the utilitarian theme, while the use of metallic accessories and premium materials like leather contribute to its luxurious feel.


6. Changing Things Up

Design: The Monocot Studio
Type: Condominium

Relying on just wood and marble, this luxe minimalist home manages to keep things interesting by varying the finishes and hues of the materials. The living room and formal dining room for instance, use lighter wood tones, while the kitchen cabinets are clad in darker woodgrain and the island made from a grey marble. In contrast, the bathroom uses white marble with grey veins.


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