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Looking good when you are Blinded?

How many of you starts work at 8am? Some of us here do, and it’s a joy to be honest!

Over at this new office, we are privilege to have the morning sun shining brightly into our office. Not crazy… Seriously we are privileged. As we have previously been working in a dark and cold environment (due to the dark coloured furniture and the window is blocked by a building still under construction), and we now appreciate the sun more. Appreciation aside, window curtains and blinds are still necessary to block the heat that is penetrating directly into our office.

So which type of blockage did we choose for our office? Curtains and drapes are definitely out of the question. Though it can be the prettiest amongst all available, but washing them (in an office context) can be extremely tedious. Primarily it only boils down to 2 realistic options: The roller blinds or the venetian blinds (or known as slats blinds to some). Each have their own strengths that fit your lifestyle. Here are two main criterial we are looking at for our office.

– We have a beautiful view, so don’t waste it.
– We love the morning sun but not the afternoon heat.


From these two points, we knew that venetian blinds is the ideal selection. Venetian blinds allow us to have a full-view (slats pulled up fully), or partial-view (slats tilted without pulling up) at the ease of our control. Similarly the amount of lighting can be adjusted accurately just by fiddling with the direction of slats.

Due to the nature of our business, we got to know ENV Interior through one of the networking sessions. So naturally we engage one of many services they provide (Upholstery, Wallpaper, Blinds, Curtain). Very promptly, Raymond drop by our office for consultation. He took the measurements of our window panels and also commented that blinds will be a better choice as we are entitled to have a good view.



Job Begun

It took about 2 weeks to make the custom made blinds, and their colleague came to have the work timely started. Installation all seems easy as it only require drilling tools with the special hinges they have. From the friendly installer, he said the hinges allow the panels to be securely and easily clipped on. Looks simple, but he was sweating profusely!


3 panels in total were installed, and while only the first one was installed we were all already falling in love with it! The blinds looked absolutely fitting into our office design. Walls are blue, floors are beige, it seamlessly blend into the colours and texture of the blinds.



Installation took about an hour to complete and thankfully he didn’t forget to guide us on how to use although he was already drenched. 🙂 The pulley system is easy to use and it comes with an auto lock system when the string is placed vertically straight. Wooden venetian blinds are relatively heavier than roller blinds, so that is one area homeowners must consider too.



Our Verdict

Blinds and curtains are great not only because it covers the sunlight and gives you privacy. But it also a plays a HUGE part in impacting the mood, tone and ambience of your home/office. I can’t stressed this enough – These are the small factors that makes someone subconsciously happy. More importantly in our context, it affects an employee’s mood and therefore – productivity.

ENV Interior did a great job on these blinds:

  • Measurements were precise – no awkward slats overlapping each other.
  • Colours and design – perfect fit in our office’s. We love it.
  • On-site brief – the installer don’t run off after completing the job even though he was sweating like tap. He patiently briefed us on how to use.
  • Customer service – An SMS reminder was sent 1 day before installation.


As some of you may require, here are our specifications for the blinds installed:

  • Cost of the blinds installed: $1560
  • Name or Type of the blind that is installed: 50mm PVC Wooden Blinds with 1.5″ Woven Tape
  • Any warranty?: 1 Year on-site warranty for mechanisms only.

If you’re keen to have their service, email to ( and do remember to keep us in the loop ( so we can try and get discounts for you!

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