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A Look At Bidadari’s Woodleigh Hillside BTO

Bidadari has consistently been a favourite among wannabe homeowners, due to its location near the city and its new town status. It’s also often seen as the next Bishan, with HDB promising plenty of developments including green spaces, an eco-corridor and a new Market Square next to Woodleigh Station, comprising a mixed-use development that features community and commercial facilities as well as a bus interchange.

Woodleigh Hillside is the latest launch during the May 2017 sales exercise, joining others in the Bidadari town including Alkaff Vista, Alkaff Courtview, Alkaff Lakeview, Alkaff Oasis, Woodleigh Village, and Woodleigh Glen.

I’ve highlighted the BTO developments in this Google map of Bidadari:

Here’s a look at HDB’s master plan for Bidadari:

Looking at HDB’s master plan, it is likely that Woodleigh Hillside wouldn’t be the last of the Bidadari BTO plots. Unless these areas are set aside for private homes, we think more BTO developments will be built near the Bartley MRT station, near the Alkaff Lake and and a few may be located at the existing Mount Vernon Columbarium Complex, which is set to be cleared away although a part of the site will be retained as a funeral parlour.

We’ll be analysing Bidadari’s Woodleigh Hillside:

Photos of the Woodleigh Hillside site during our site visit:

The private homes along Bartley Road across from Woodleigh Hillside:

Bartley Road:



HDB has announced that queue numbers will be released for the May 2017 BTOs in mid-July. If you manage to receive one then, here’s a quick analysis of the stacks to see which unit to pick.

Click to zoom in on the Woodleigh Hillside site plan:


A few stacks are located right across from roads. But we think traffic noise will only really affect the stacks facing Bartley Road, a considerably busy road that links up to arterial ones like Upper Serangoon Road and Upper Paya Lebar Road.

Stacks that are facing the future Bidadari Park Drive will be less affected by traffic noise as it’s a less important road and consequently less busy. Furthermore, it’s part of the future Bidadari Greenway, a green stretch that will see cycling and pedestrian routes, which will then mean fewer cars:

Source: Today

We did a noise level test at one of the existing bus stops along Bartley Road:

Traffic was high, even though it was a weekend afternoon. From the video, noise levels were hovering in the mid-60s to 70s and were pretty consistent throughout. We expect the levels to go up higher during peak hours.

Avoid these stacks if you don’t want to hear the traffic noise:

213A: 573, 575 (2-room)
213B: 589, 591, 593, 595 (2-room)
213C: 609, 611, 613, 615 (2-room)
214A: 629, 631 (5-room)
214B: 641, 643 (5-room)
214C: 653, 655 (5-room)
215A: 665, 667 (5-room)

It’s not all that bad, however as a few of the stacks in this list are located relatively near to the two existing bus stops along Bartley Road. So it’s a plus even if you’re located near the main road. These stacks are:

213A: 573, 575 (2-room)
214A: 629, 631 (5-room)
214B: 641, 643 (5-room)

The bus stops currently run two bus services: 28 and 93, which go to Toa Payoh MRT station and Habourfront MRT station respectively.

Also, the stacks that are facing Bartley Road, you will probably get relatively unblocked views if you live on a higher floor as beyond the road are private housing that aren’t very tall.



Source: Wikimedia Commons

Source: Wikimedia Commons

Woodleigh Hillside is located in between Woodleigh MRT (North-east Line) and Bartley MRT (Circle Line). There are a few stacks which are located very close to the stations e.g. approximately just a 5-min walk away. Which stacks you choose depends on which MRT you would prefer to be nearer to:

For Bartley MRT (from nearest to furthest):

215A: 667, 665 (5-room), 669, 663 (4-room), 671 (3-Gen), 673 (4-room)
215B: 679, 681 (4-room), 683, 685 (3-room), 687, 689 (5-room), 693 (3-room), 691 (4-room), 677, 675 (4-room)
214C: 655 (5-room), 657 (4-room), 653 (5-room), 651 (4-room), 659 (3-Gen), 661 (4-room)

For Woodleigh MRT (from nearest to furthest):

212C: 545, 543, 541, 539 (5-room), 547, 537 (4-room)
212B: 525, 523, 521, 519 (5-room), 527, 517 (4-room)
212C: 549, 551, 553, 555 (4-room)
212B: 529, 531, 533, 535 (4-room)
212A: 513, 515 (4-room), 511, 509 (4-room), 501, 507 (4-room), 503, 505 (3-room)
212D: 557 (4-room), 559, 561, 569, 567 (5-room), 565, 563 (4-room)

Note: Woodleigh station will encompass an underground bus interchange in the future.



Source: URA

There will be plenty of lush green spaces in Bidadari. A large part of Woodleigh Hillside will be surrounded by part of the 10-ha Bidadari Park, which encompasses the Alkaff Lake. To truly enjoy the unblocked, park views however, we think it’s best to opt for a unit at a higher floor. Besides the verdant view, units located next to the park will also be less warm thanks to the cooling effect from being near all that greenery.

These stacks are best if you want to face the park:

212D*: 565, 563 (4-room), 561, 559 (5-room)
212C: 545, 543, 541, 539 (5-room)
212B: 525, 523, 521, 519 (5-room)
212A: 513 (4-room), 511, 509 (5-room)

*This block faces the Bidadari Park, but it isn’t the best block to choose if you also want to see Alkaff Lake.



Another consideration to think about when choosing a unit is to see if your house will get the afternoon sun. We made use of Sun Cal to determine the sun direction of Woodleigh Hillside throughout the year:

Sun Calculation Woodleigh Hillside

From the video, the sun direction changes depending on the time of the year. From October to March, the sun sets in the South-West direction, while from April to September, the sun sets in the North-West direction.

To make your selection easier, avoid units that are facing the S-W and the N-W as they will likely make your home very warm in the late afternoon. While we cannot determine exactly which units will get the brunt of the heat seeing as it’s affected by a few factors including surrounding buildings that can provide shade, these units have the best chance of keeping cool during the different times of the year:

212D: 569 (5-room), 557 (4-room)
212C: 553, 555 (4-room)
212B: 527, 517 (4-room), 523, 521, 519 (5-room), 533, 535 (4-room)
212A: 509 (5-room), 505 (3-room), 507 (4-room)
215C: 699 (5-room), 711, 713 (4-room)
215B: 687 (5-room), 685 (3-room), 679 (4-room)
215A: 671 (3-Gen), 669 (4-room)
214C: 659 (3-Gen), 657 (4-room)
214B: 647 (3-Gen), 645 (4-room)
214A: 635 (3-Gen), 633 (4-room)
213C: 621, 619 (4-room), 617 (3-room)
213B: 601, 599 (4-room), 597 (3-room)
213A: 579 (4-room), 577 (2-room, Type 1)



If you don’t want neighbours looking into your home whenever they pass by the corridors, get these corner units that feel more exclusive:

212D: 565#, 557 (4-room)
212C: 551, 553 (4-room)
212B: 531, 533 (4-room)
212A: 515, 513 (4-room), 509 (5-room), 503, 505 (3-room)
215C: 703#, 697# (4-room)
215B: 691# (4-room), 685# (3-room)
213C: 609, 615 (2-room, type 2)
213B: 589, 595 (2-room, type 2)

#These stacks are located near the staircase.



  • Location next to the carpark
    There are several stacks located right next to and facing directly at the carpark, since it spans across the entire development. The carpark has a roof garden comprising various amenities (like the fitness corner and playground). These units may be noisy, particularly if you’re choosing a unit on the lower floor.
  • Location near the supermarket/shops/restaurant/eating house
    If you love the convenience of being near facilities, opt for the units at Blk 215C. But take note that these units may also be noisier as human traffic is higher. We think it’s a better option to stay away from them, and opt for a unit closer to Woodleigh MRT station, which will see a vibrant mixed-use development being built there in the future.

Disclaimer: Action taken in response to the information provided in this article is at the reader’s discretion. Site plans and maps are from HDB.


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