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10 Living Rooms in Singapore that Ditched the Conventional Sofa

Who needs a sofa? Not these living rooms.

Conventional sofas are overrated and take up too much space, especially if you don’t spend a lot of time in front of the TV. If you’re thinking of moving away from the stereotypical view of a living room, you will want to steal design ideas from these communal zones in Singapore. Breaking away from conventions, these spaces fit in with the occupants’ lifestyles, presenting areas that are just as chic as they are practical.

1. For the tasteful bachelor

When you’re single and living with a cat, a couch is going to seem like overkill. Instead, adopt two sleek, brown-leather armchairs befitting of your bachelor lifestyle and flexible enough to re-arrange things when your friends come over.

Design: The Local Inn.terior

2. For the fun-loving individualist

Is the selection of ready-made sofas getting you down? Customise a built-in sofa and incorporate plenty of storage, personality and bold hues along the way.

Design: Wolf Woof

3. For the plant enthusiast

Nothing conventional about this sofa set, which features a place for a family of lush Monstera plants and a casual dining spot at the back. Talk about three-in-one!

Design: Right Angle Studio

4. For folks who can never get out of bed

Living rooms were never made for sleeping… until this one came along. For next-level comfort (and supreme laziness), the designer integrated a cosy daybed within a raised platform in the living room.

Design: Renologist

5. For the host and hostess with the mostest

A single sofa isn’t going to cut it if you’re always organising large dinner parties and having the entire family over. This home ditched the conventional living room setup for a flexible one, integrating a curved platform that stretches along the window to offer plenty of seating room.

Design: Metre Architects

6. For the Muji minimalist

In line with the Muji aesthetics of this home, a large beanbag enables the occupants to sit low to the ground while a hammock extends a fun seating option to the younger members of the family.

Design: Chark & Chalk Architects

7. For the movie buff

Take a leaf from this living room if you are looking to recreate The Projector vibes in your own home. What you will need: Beanbags, projector screen and a Netflix subscription. Check, check and check.

Design: ROOOT Studio

8. For those seeking the loft life

Always wanted to live in a New York loft-style apartment? You don’t have to have a double-volume space to do so. All you need is some ingenuity à la a raised platform with steps! Floor loungers at the recessed nook below offer alternative seating on lazy days when you can’t be bothered to take the stairs.

Design: DistinctIdentity

9. For lovers of traditional Japan

Bring a slice of traditional Japanese culture into your home with a tatami-covered platform and a couple of zaisus (Japanese legless chairs). Now you will never have to leave the country to feel like you’re in the Land of the Rising Sun!

Design: Archilibrium Studio

10. For the vintage soul

Why settle for a conventional platform when you can build one from concrete ventilation blocks? The floral motifs offer an old-school feel—ventilation bricks were often used in older homes in Singapore—and add plenty of personality to a space. Throw in a couple of cushions, loungers and beanbags and your living room seating is sorted.

Design: The 80’s Studio


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