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Lights make a home

Lights make a home. That has always been the philosophy of both Mr. T and myself. Lights can change the ambient mood of a space, lend imaginary warmth to a room, and a statement piece can definitely act as a conversation starter. We use special pieces to impart character to a room but many a times it plays the role of the silent team player, quietly illuminating the feature points of a space.

That said, shopping for lighting is no easy task. We weighed out the cost benefits of shipping in directly from Taobao or going across the causeway versus purchasing directly in Singapore. We decided that having a supplier in Singapore would be best warranty wise. This also proved to be a good decision later on, because in any case the quantity is miscalculated, we realised we could just pop by to top up what we needed. Mr. T and spent 2 weekends literally walking around the typical districts that lighting firms gathered such as Jalan Besar, Jalan Sultan, and Balestier. The more we walked, the more confused we became. The shops we visited seemed to be in a hurry to close the deal. This was discomforting to first-timers like us as we had close to no knowledge about the different types of bulbs, energy-saving alternatives, and the like. Besides, we got multiple quotations with vast differences for the same lamp. We originally wanted to get an idea of the cost but did not manage to do so.

Enter Three Cubes, which dear Mr. T saw one day when he was on Facebook. We took a trip down and as they say, the rest was history.

We met Clarence, whom we admitted to being noobs right off the bat. He patiently explained the basics of lighting in a home, the differences between task and ambient lighting, and what suited our needs. We mostly needed track lights, a feature lamp for the living room, some spotlights, 2 bedside lamps, and LEDs to be hidden into the carpentry.

We felt the best buy at Three Cubes was the track light. Compared to the rest we have seen, it had the most minimalistic profile with no messy jutting wires and driver boxes. The best part was, the LED bulbs were energy-saving and were a breeze to replace. He also found a spotlight for us which utilises the same method of replacement so it simplified the whole process. Just one unified replacement method, no stress!

Another great thing we noticed when we received his quotation was that it was done up in zones— living room, bedroom, kitchen, guest toilet, master toilet, etc. This made it much clearer for us to know what was missing and if anything had been left out. Here are some pictures of the lightings we got from him. We are happy to report that his after-sales service was amazing too. Always responsive.

Three-Cubes-blog-01Web Pendent Light

Three-Cubes-blog-02Close Up of the Web Pendent Light

Spotlight. Great for Display ShelfSpotlight. Great for Display Shelf

For Different Sizes of DisplayFor Different Sizes of Display

Three-Cubes-blog-05Megaman® Track Light

Three-Cubes-blog-06Track Lights for the Wardrobe

Three-Cubes-blog-07ARCHITECH® Surface Mount with Philips LED Down Light. (Bathroom)

Three-Cubes-blog-08Helps to Bring Out the Patterns of the Tiles

Three-Cubes-blog-09Got Ourselves PLUMEN® Bulbs & Holder for the Bedside

All in all, it was a great experience for us and we will not hesitate to recommend Three Cubes again to our friends and family.

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55 Siglap Road, #01-06 Siglap Centre S(455871)
Tel: 6245 0776

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