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LG’s Dazzling Array For 2015: New TV Lineup and More

After bringing us the revolutionary OLED TV last year, LG is back with more cutting-edge technology to bring impressive visual enjoyment into our homes! We know LG to be a strong market leader for home entertainment, consistently bringing us bigger and better options year after year, just so we can enjoy a cinematic experience in the comfort of our homes. Well, this year’s no different, with LG starting 2015 with a BLAST. From the never-before 4K OLED TV to wireless sound systems for the entire family, you won’t want to miss out on the exciting offerings to come!

World’s First Ever: 4K OLED Curved TV

LG-4K-OLEDLG 4K OLED Curved TV 65-inch (Model 65EC970T)

4K or OLED? You no longer have to flip the coin to decide your next TV purchase, now that LG’s released their 4K OLED TV that’s curved to boot! Crystal clear 4K resolution is combined with self-lighting pixels that exude richer and brighter hues to enrich your viewing experience.

Coming to stores in: April 2015
Price: $10,999


Sleek and Slim: Super UHD TV (65-inch/55-inch)

LG Super UHD 65-inch TV (Model UF950T)


Backed by ColorPrime Technology, LG’s Super UHD TV boasts outstanding image display with a wider range of colours expressed for greater image depth and realism. It’s also super slim at just 8.5mm so that’s something homes with narrow living rooms can appreciate!

Coming to stores in: End of March 2015
Price: 65-inch: $7,199 / 55-inch: $5,699



Panoramic: 105-inch Curved Ultra HD TV

LG-105-inch-01LG-105-inchLG Ultra HD 105-inch Curved TV (Model UC9T)


Boasting crisp 5K resolution (5120×2160 pixels), the breathtaking 105-inch Ultra HD Curved TV is largest of these and quite literally turns any room it sits in into a home theatre.

Coming to stores in: April 2015
Price: $149,999

All three TV models come equipped with LG’s ULTRA SURROUND sound system, which was designed in collaboration with high-end audio expert harman/kardon to bring audio-visual entertainment to the next level.

While indisputably top-notch technology, to see them together on full display at the press launch, flashing vivid visuals at you in high-definition, can make one a little blurry-eyed. Just sayin’.



New to the Audio Family: Music Flow


LG-Music-FlowLG Music Flow

Spotting the trend for wireless multi-room audio systems, LG has hopped onto the bandwagon with its Music Flow range of speakers. Intended to enhance the enjoyment of multimedia content at home, Music Flow can also be connected to your LG TV for amplified viewing experience.

LG Music Flow HS9


You might find these very similar to other wireless multi-room sound systems that have also sprouted on the market, but LG’s smart enough to offer something different. With Range-of-Flowâ„¢ technology, Music Flow speakers automatically play music from mobile devices held close to them. Stand within one foot of the speaker with your smartphone or tablet that’s playing the music, and the Music Flow speaker will take the song from there. This throws any disruption from connection interference out the window, allowing you to move freely from room to room!

Music Flow speakers come in Wi-Fi (models H7, H5 and H3), Wi-Fi Sound Bars (models HS9 and HS7) and Bluetooth (P7 model with Sound Sync) along with the Music Flow Player smartphone app.

Coming to stores in: March 2015
Price: From $179 to $999

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LG will continue to launch their 2015 products over the course of the year. To find out more about the rest of the lineup, head on over to!

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