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Less is More: How to Create a Minimalist Bathroom in Style

One of the perennial looks in Singapore is minimalism. And it’s a theme that works well in any room in the home, including the bathroom. But a minimalist bathroom doesn’t mean it’s devoid of character. In fact, it’s anything but that.

Design: Third Avenue Studio

This pared-down look isn’t just a great style, it’s also a lot easier to clean and it gives you a much less stressful environment. Hansgrohe Singapore provides us with tips on creating a beautiful minimalist bathroom:


1. Accessories sparingly

As renowned architect Antonio Citterio aptly explains, accessories have a “significant effect on the overall appearance of a room” and are “an essential part of its décor”. Like small jewels, accessories add the perfect finishing touches to a room.

However, it is important not to over-accessorise as it can end up cluttering up your space. Accessories should be used sparingly. Homeowners can also consider decor which is multifunctional and space-saving.

If you’re after this minimalist look in your bathroom, consider the accessories from AXOR’s Universal Accessories range. With slim, elegant forms that save space for you in the bathroom coupled with their modular functionality, it means you won’t need to over accessorise. We like the grab rail, which can serve as a towel holder, as well as the shelf, which provides adequate space for all your bathroom knick-knacks.


2. Opt for light-filled and clean spaces

Ideally, there should be an abundance of light filling your bathroom space. Create a brighter with light-coloured surfaces. For a cleaner space, declutter and make use of minimalist bath fittings with streamlined forms for a clean overall look.

Hansgrohe’s brand of PuraVida bathroom fittings are a good choice. Its DualFinish (white/chrome) brings a new design dimension to your bathroom, while brightening the bathroom with its chrome and white finishes.


3. Choose space-saving products

Space-saving products are also important in freeing up space in the bathroom, which is increasingly becoming a sanctuary of retreat and rejuvenation and not simply a functional space.

AXOR One, designed with Barber & Osgerby, is a generously proportioned but clean masterpiece statement in the shower. This thermostat module offers three individual controls in an all-in-one shower control element. With its monolithic but soft form, AXOR One creates a new spaciousness in the shower, evoking a pleasant feeling of clarity and tranquillity for users when they use it to select between shower outlets, control the temperature or choose their preferred amount of water. The AXOR One hand shower was launched in 2017 to complement the shower control.


4. Simplify the colour

By reducing the variety of colours and simplifying the colour schemes to two or three colours, this could help to achieve a more uniform minimalist appearance for the bathroom. A good way to still add visual interest is to use the same hues but in different textures.

If you decide on a dark colour scheme, consider fittings in customised colours like gold, bronze or brass, which allows them to stand out in a dark bathroom setting.

Almost all of AXOR bathroom fittings can be made bespoke with AXOR FinishPlus, a special service offered in Germany, with a total of 15 special finishes possible for selection. These special finishes are created with the PVD (Physical Vapour Deposition) and the result is a more robust and brilliant product, which adds exclusivity and elegance. For instance, we love a polished brass, bold gold and subdued nickel finish on the AXOR Uno, designed with Phoenix Design.

This post was brought to you by Hansgrohe Group.


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