10 Less Conventional Built-Ins in Singapore Homes that aren't Useless

  • Dec 22, 2021

Having less conventional built-ins can make your home stand out from the crowd. But there won’t be much of a point if it’s only going to be taking up extra floor estate without adding real value to your space. In this article, we compiled together a few less conventional built-ins seen in Singapore homes with the extra criterion of practicality. These will definitely have you rethinking your conventional carpentry work.

1. A multipurpose kitchen island

A kitchen island that moves? That’s what this built-in essentially is. Its mobility means it can be manoeuvred to where it’s needed the most. Drawers are placed on one side, while the other side features an overhang to provide sufficient legroom for casual dining. Design: Ascend Designs

2. A sliding TV wall with hidden compartments

The TV wall may look ordinary, but it’s also a sliding door to the private rooms, hides a long bi-fold dining table and serves as storage for the media units in the living room. Talk about having a diverse skillset! Design: Chalk Architects

3. A built-in platform bed with multiple functions

This platform bed was built with multipurpose in mind. There’s a daybed that doubles up as a step-up to the sleeping quarters, storage underneath and by the side, as well as an extended study table. Design: Hock Hoon

4. A rustic platform for plants and storage

Located next to the window, the platform (with a custom trellis for climbers above!) may be initially intended so that the houseplants could better take in the sun but it has since evolved into a spot for storage and a lounging zone. Design: Blend by ImC

5. A wardrobe that hides the entrance into the en-suite

Part of the wardrobe design extends over the entrance of the en-suite bathroom, concealing the entrance and lending a sleek, less-cluttered appearance in this space. Design: Plush Interior Design

6. A pop-up butcher block countertop

A pop-up counter works wonders for those who need that extra countertop space, since it can be “popped up” whenever you need additional prep room and kept to the side when you’re done. It’s also a great option for those who want a different material from the main countertop. Materials like marble or butcher block tend to be a bit fussier, so it makes sense to keep them to smaller doses. Design: Free Space Intent

7. A reading nook that does more

This reading cosy corner’s not only an area to curl up with a good book in. The back panels can be opened up so that there is room to plop down fluffy floor chairs for more comfortable seating. Close up the panels for more privacy and to hide away the entrances into the bedrooms. Design: The Association

8. A storage and display of vinyl records

Got a collection of vinyl records? Show off your taste in music with this customised built-in. Each compartment features “sleeves” to display a vinyl record of choice, while the rest can be stowed away neatly within the cabinets. We love that you can change them around to completely shift the mood and look of the room. Design: Richfield Integrated

9. A display shelf that’s also a door

A display shelf that isn’t really a display shelf but a hidden door into another universe? Not quite a whole new world, a la Chronicles of Narnia, but it does lead into the master bedroom. The advantage of this? Extra storage plus no nosy guests wandering into your private space. Design: MET Interior

10. A shoe cabinet with a pull-out bench

Shoe cabinets with shoe benches may be typical, but this one stands out for its seating area that can be stowed away after use. A compact solution that doesn’t take up extra floor estate! Design: Obbio Concept  
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