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10 Layout Ideas for Bidadari’s Woodleigh Glen, Woodleigh Village and Woodleigh Hillside

Attention, Bidadari homeowners at Woodleigh Glen, Woodleigh Village and Woodleigh Hillside BTOs: there’s no better time than now to start planning for your home renovations, what’s with you getting the keys to your new home really soon (*crossing our fingers!*). To ease that process along, we’ve put together a couple of layout ideas by juxtaposing real-life interiors with the Bidadari floor plans from HDB. So get inspired, get creative and get down to planning!


1. 2-room flats may be small in size, but that shouldn’t stop you from living big. Instead of a separate dining table for Woodleigh Glen’s 2-room Flexi (Type 1) floor plan, which would take up unnecessary space, we opted for a multi-use, ceiling-hung table in the kitchen. It doubles up not only as dining, but also as an extra kitchen countertop space when needed. The best part about it? No legs to take up floor space!

Design: Key Concept

2. In this 2-room Flexi (Type 2) floor plan for Woodleigh Hillside, we removed the original sliding bedroom door and wall and replaced that with full-height open shelves. With limited floor space, you will want to make use of any available vertical space for storage. A part of the shelving can be dedicated as a study area—definitely necessary if you work from home.

Design: The Orange Cube


3. Both Woodleigh Glen and Woodleigh Hillside feature similar floor plans for their 3-room flats. HDB’s suggestion for the floor plans with the open-concept kitchen allows for a casual dining area as part of the extension of the kitchen counter, which is great for serving as a breakfast bar.

But if you do a lot of heavy cooking and want to keep the fumes and smells in, go with glass panels and a glass door as a kitchen divider. While they will definitely require some maintenance in terms of cleaning, they are visually unobtrusive so they won’t impede the view and the sense of openness in your space.

Design: The Makers Design Studio

4. This layout for this 3-room floor plan for Woodleigh Village is great for people who like to entertain. We played around the living and dining area by swapping both spaces, creating a larger dining area that can seat up to 10 while accommodating a little shoe bench by the foyer. Alternatively, switch out the dining table for a kitchen island, perfect for serving buffet style or if you need that extra prep space.

Design: Dyel Design


5. This layout idea works for the 4-room floor plans from Woodleigh Glen and Woodleigh Hillside, both of which feature a long-ish kitchen. Unlike most BTO layouts, there isn’t a dedicated service yard area.

Consider dividing the cooking space into a wet and dry one, using a sliding glass door and panel, to contain the cooking grease. Otherwise, if you need a full-fledged laundry room, position the hob on the other side of the glass divider to create a dedicated service yard (complete with extra room for ironing and storing laundry essentials) and an open-concept kitchen.

Design: Amoz Boon (Homeowner)

6. In Woodleigh Village’s 4-room floor plans, we took an extra spare room next to the original master bedroom and hacked the walls surrounding it to create a supersized master suite, featuring a mirror-panelled walk-in wardrobe. The sleeping area sits on the original space of the common bedroom and is enclosed behind double glass doors for that extra luxe feel.

Design: Authors Interior & Styling

7. Some of the 4-room flats at Woodleigh Village also come with a more unconventional floor plan. To reduce some of the awkward corners and soften the edges in this layout, we thought of going with a curved dining area. (Plush velvet seating optional, but totally worth it.) Next to the dining area, do up full-height cabinets for extra storage.

Design: Mr Shopper Studio


8. Only Woodleigh Hillside comes with 5-room flats. There are two main types of 5-room floor plans in this BTO. The first comes with a boxy kitchen, while the second features a long kitchen.

For the first floor plan type, we did up a kitchen island that is perpendicular to the kitchen counter with the island doubling up as dining. Or go with a six-seater dining table next to the island. Parallel to this is an entire wall of full-height kitchen cabinets, which offer plenty of storage space and also the room for integrated appliances.

Design: DistinctIdentity

9. In the second type of 5-room floor plan, we suggest a dedicated service yard in the absence of one in the original layout. Because space is limited, sliding doors in and out of the laundry room provide the best option.

Design: Icon Interior Design


10. Woodleigh Hillside also offer 3Gen flats, which come with two en-suite bedrooms. In the second master bedroom, we segregated it into three zones: a sleeping area, a cosy corner and a walk-in wardrobe. The bed sits on a raised platform, enclosed between bi-fold glass doors on one side and a see-through closet on the other side. The cosy corner by the window provides the perfect spot for lounging and relaxing.

Design: Insight.Out Studio

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