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Know Your Style Part 5: Victorian

For people who prefer a more elaborate style to the usual minimalism that characterises the contemporary theme, the Victorian home décor will make an interesting choice. Born during the latter period of Queen Victoria’s rule from 1837 to her death in 1901, this style carries a sophisticated air because it encompasses many influences from sub-styles such as Anglo-Japanese and Persian designs.




As expected of this elegant theme, the colours used are on the tertiary side; which means the palette consists of colours that mixes equal amounts of primary and secondary colours—giving us interesting combos like yellow-orange, blue-purple and blue-green. It’s a unique style quite rarely found in Singapore, to say the least, but it is a refreshing switch from the usual humdrum. In fact, the Victorian theme is all about showcasing the opulence of one’s home with little or no restraint.


  • to reflect the richly furnished interiors of Victorian’s homes, warm but subdued colours are utilised e.g. deep walnut, plum, burgundy, teal, olive and mustard gold
  • important rooms such as the study are marked by darker tones of colours
  • the palette is usually complemented by cream or grey backgrounds
  • patterns are used lavishly throughout the house, so you’ll see elaborate designs like toile, flora and fauna, damask and geometric shapes
  • filled with upholstered furniture, plush window dressings, fancy rugs, ornate carving and gilding
  • The overall look may seem overwhelming to some people, but it’s designed to evoke the romanticism that is commonly associated with European fairy-tales.

Great For People Who:

  • love reading fairy-tales
  • enjoy luxurious surroundings and ornate decorations
  • prefer rich colours to the usual monochrome palette
  • dislike sparseness, usually surrounding themselves with their favourite things

Where to Buy the Furniture

If you’ve been yearning to make a beach resort out of your humble home, then don’t forget to check out the following retailers for their gorgeous furnishing.

While the Victorian style is meant to be opulent, try not to overdo it or your home will appear merely cluttered instead of elaborately posh. Update the look with a few contemporary touches and you’ll have a real beauty on your hands for all to admire.

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