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Know Your Style Part 4: Beach Resort

Beach resorts are attractive for a reason; they represent the abandonment of daily pressures for the paradise of carefree life. At the fast pace that life is moving in Singapore, it’s little wonder that the beach resort theme or at least its elements are fairly popular with homeowners.




Earthly tones are mainstay of this relaxing theme as it takes its cue from Mother Nature. Natural materials such as wood, stone, and rattan also play an important part in creating the breezy atmosphere that beach resorts are well-known for. You don’t necessarily have to go full-on beach resort style, but the ambience will surely make you feel as if you’ve stepped into another world.


  • the colour theme is inspired by the sea: shades of blues and greens, peach, shell pink and coral that are complemented by the ever-trusty white to ground the style
  • lighting is key here, so the windows are dressed with curtains of light material to allow ample sunshine in
  • free of clutter so that it feels refreshed and serene
  • textured with materials like wicker and light coloured wood to bring about the clean uncluttered look
  • decorated with beach treasures like seashells and even glass bottles

Great For People Who:

  • love gallivanting on the beach
  • adore the feeling of being on a vacation all year long, even if it’s just chilling at home
  • like it simple and clean
  • collect souvenirs from the beach

Where to Buy the Furniture

If you’ve been yearning to make a beach resort out of your humble home, then don’t forget to check out the following retailers for their gorgeous furnishing.

There’s nothing like being able to step into a home that reminds you of your last memorable beach vacation, but don’t go overboard or you might find yourself perpetually trapped in the holiday mood! =p

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