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Know Your Style Part 3: Industrial

Many people are into the home sweet home concept; the idea of which brings to mind a haven that is both comfortable and homely. But this concept is rapidly evolving in the face of fresh new interior ideas and inspirations so people now want their homes to reflect more of a cutting-edge design. The industrial style is one such example.




This theme celebrates the industrial look through the use of materials in their raw and unprocessed beauty. What used to be a style that was exclusive to workshops and factories is now an a la mode way of transforming lofts or old warehouses into unique living spaces.


  • simple yet practical, with no space for frivolous decorations
  • no finishes to achieve the desired look of wear and tear
  • elements such as wood, bricks or pipes are left unprocessed or exposed to showcase the beauty of their natural state
  • the spirit of recycling truly shines here as old items are used for new purposes e.g. an old Milo tin can find new life as a lamp cover
  • the colour palette takes its cue from the natural materials, but works well with contemporary colours too
  • sharp angles are the mainstay of this style, as they highlight what is essentially a practical design born from a traditional industrial interior

Great For People Who:

  • find men in overalls sexy
  • enjoy giving new life to old items instead of throwing them away
  • love wearing the boyfriend’s shirt for kicks
  • appreciate the economical way of life

Raw as it seems, the unfinished beauty of the industrial theme has a roguish charm like that of a sexy man in overalls and could be the unique touch that you’re looking for to revamp your home.

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