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Know Your Style Part 2: French Countryside

In the last article, we talked about the contemporary theme. Now let’s look at the style that’s known for its lovely distressed furniture and vintage accessories: French Countryside.




The French countryside theme is one that evokes images of lavenders dancing serenely in rolling fields under the gentle sun. As such, it’s a rustic yet elegant theme where the home feels truly lived-in due to the focus on intricate details.


  • the colour palette is reminiscent of the French countryside: greens, yellows, blues, golds, creams and lavenders
  • the furniture generally look well-used because of the ‘distressing’ techniques used to achieve the old-time charm
  • furnished with fabrics that come in a variety of patterns, the toile print being the most definitive one
  • decorating involves a good mix of flea market finds, vintage accessories or antiques such as gilded candlesticks, birdcages, metal plaques and any rooster-inspired décor
  • the windows are not bare, instead they’re dressed with light drapes or Roman shades that come in prints or solid colours
  • window dressings also come with fringe or lace as well
  • wrought iron or rusted metal accents are a must have
  • lots of flowers (be it fake or real) in pottery vases to add a touch of home sweet home

Great For People Who:

  • loves the romance of the French countryside.
  • can always unearth treasure in flea markets or second-hand shops.
  • are homebodies and enjoy gardening

Not quite your cup of afternoon tea and plate of scones? Then keep your eyes peeled for the next segment on the RenoNation guide of home styles.

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