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Know Your Style Part 1: Contemporary

For first-time homeowners, the exhilaration of getting the keys to their very own flat/house is immeasurable. Why, it’s almost as exciting as planning a wedding! (I’m sure some husbands will beg to differ, but that’s another story altogether.)

People who have conscientiously pored over interior design magazines and renovation forums, you may already have an idea of what you want. Good job. Now the difficult part is over. But if you still have not been touched by the proverbial Muse, don’t hit the panic button just yet. There are many interior designs out there, but there is nothing to stop you from incorporating your favourite elements and making a unique style of your own. We know that interior design styles can be overwhelming on the senses so here’s a little RenoNation guide to help you see the light. Just remember that your final choice should be reflective of your personalities, personal tastes or even good memories. In other words; choose whatever rocks your boat, people!

Okay, first up: the contemporary theme.




Many people mistake contemporary for modern and vice versa. Contemporary is what’s currently hot at the moment. Right now, it’s all about going for the sleek look. Modern, on the other hand, defines the style that was created during the 1920s to 1950s—giving rise to the term, ‘mid-century modern’.


  • uncluttered and simply furnished with small but vivid accessories
  • clean, smooth lines that keep the style consistent with metal finishes like stainless steel
  • neutral colours like white, brown, or black that allow bold coloured furniture or accessories to shine more prominently
  • incorporates natural elements such as wooden surfaces, which can be either very dark or light, to introduce some warmth into the room
  • may showcase colour blocks, an open spatial concept or geometric shapes to harmonise the style
  • large artwork will shine amidst the simplicity that usually distinguishes galleries
  • plays with texture to create depth and contrast

Great For People Who:

  • like things as simple and uncluttered as possible.
  • are attracted to abstract paintings or geometric shapes.
  • prefers to keep only the most important stuff out in the open and the rest in storage.

Contemporary doesn’t quite strike your fancy? We’ll explore more themes in the upcoming articles so do stay tuned!

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