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Kitchen Work Triangle – Could this be Gordon Ramsay’s Secret?

Deciding on the layout for a kitchen is the most imperative part of kitchen’s planning as the layout of the kitchen will impact the placement of the kitchen appliances, hob and sink as well as the kitchen table and chairs. Hence, having a kitchen work triangle makes a kitchen more efficient and functional. For the uninitiated, a typical work triangle construct makes sure that the 3 main work stations; fridge, oven or hob and sink, are kept within a handy distance and within unobstructed reach of each other. Hence such a layout concept allows for easier food preparation. cooking and washing due to the efficient kitchen work flow.

The 5 most common types of the kitchen layouts include the U, L, G shaped, Gallery and kitchen with island.

 Image from bowvalleykitchens


U-shaped Kitchen

U-shaped kitchen is ideal for a busy kitchen whereby more than 1 person is using the area at the same time. Such a layout is suitable for floor areas of at least 8×8 feet. Basically, it is a wide galley kitchen with one end “closed off”.


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L-shaped Kitchen

Such layout is pretty omnipresent in current compact condominium design. Due to the limited space, overhanging racks or cabinets are highly recommended to address the storage needs. This layout consists of two adjacent, perpendicular walls. It is a popular layout for open kitchen concept in small apartments since the kitchen and living area merges seamlessly, creating an illusion of bigger space.


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Gallery Kitchen

Gallery kitchen is great for saving spaces. In fact, it is the most efficient design among the kitchen layouts and many restaurant and commercial kitchens have chosen to adopt such design concept. Usually, the stove is positioned at the opposite end of the kitchen, with the refrigerator and sink lined up on the other side. It is easy for the cook to move around in the kitchen and the other bench can double up as a breakfast bar.


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G-shaped Kitchen (aka Peninsula Kitchen)

The G-shaped kitchen layout is essentially an improved version of the U-shaped kitchen. A fourth bench is attached to one side of the U at a right angle. Typically such a design offers the most counter space when compared to the L-shaped and Gallery kitchen.


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Kitchen Island 

Kitchens with an island allow for maximum flexibility in cooking and entertaining guests at the same time. Hence, such a concept divides the kitchen into a more efficient, smaller work areas with one zone for cooking and the other, mainly the kitchen island as a social space for interaction.


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Modern Kitchen

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Of all the kitchen layouts, I prefer the one with a kitchen island the most. This is because the kitchen island can double up as a dining table and thus its dual functionality makes more efficient use of the limited space. In addition, having a movable kitchen island will mean more flexibility for me to configure the kitchen easily.


What about you? Which design will you adopt for your kitchen and why?
Hope you have enjoyed this short post and do have an awesome weekend!

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