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Kitchen Sinks: Undermount & Top Mount

The kitchen sink is an undeniable part of the kitchen, small or luxurious. If you’re renovating your kitchen for the first time, it’s vital to be acquainted with the 2 popular types of sinks in Singapore, under-mount and top mount, before you make your final decision. Here are their main differences:

Under-mount Top Mount (drop in)

Hangs beneath the solid surface counter-top


Placed into the hole that has been cut out from the counter-top


Has a minimalist and streamlined appearance, its rims are hidden under the counter-top so you get up to a square foot of extra space

Its rims rest visibly on the surface of the counter-top, but the sink doesn’t look as elegant and aerodynamic as the under-mount.

Easy maintenance, as there is a continuous flow from counter-top to sink so you can simply sweep food scraps or water into the basin

Gunk may accumulate around the rims so homeowners have to be diligent about cleaning.

Not recommended for laminate or tile counters as there are too many weak points along their seams or gout lines

Suitable for any surface and is not limited by the size of the cabinet, it also protects the edges of your counter-top especially if it’s made from a delicate material like marble

Installation is more difficult due to the need for proper support and sealing

Easier to install as it’s considered the ideal method that meets simple sink requirements

More difficult to replace at a later date as the hole that has been cut from the counter-top is made to fit your first sink perfectly, so make sure you get a quality sink the first time!

Easy to replace since it’s just a matter of lifting it from the hole, instead from under like the under-mount

Slightly pricier than the top mount

Less expensive than the under-mount


A couple of things to take note:

  • The under-mount tends to be installed in a lower position than the top mount so if you spend a lot of time at the sink, then it may be more advisable for you to get a top mount sink instead.
  • Avoid filling under-mount sinks all the way to the top as the adhesives used to hold the sink may not be water-proof and may, over time, loosen

Not sure what to get? Then we recommend that you get the type you’ve been using for years at home. After all, there is nothing better than falling back on something you’re already used to, right?

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