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Kitchen Renovation Tips

I really enjoyed the process of renovating my kitchen and had shared about the fundamentals of a well designed kitchen in my previous post. In fact, there is nothing more satisfying to me than seeing a kitchen that actually looks good and is functional as well!

Today, I am going to share a couple more functional kitchen remodelling tips:


No spaces are too small to be used

The average size of the kitchen has shrunk and still continues to shrink over these years. Hence, it is increasingly important to optimise every inch of the kitchen space. This means that no spaces are too small to be used! For instance, you can always squeeze in a sizable spice rack cabinet in a slim unused corner. Instead of spice, the rack can be used to store other smaller and slimmer kitchen items too!


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Instead of Boring Cabinets, You Can Be Creative And Use Test Tubes To Double Up As Spice Containers!


Image Copyrighted To Amazonaws


You Can Also Spice Up Your Bare Kitchen Walls Or Refrigerators With These Magnetic Spice Containers From Ikea If You Wish To Save The Hassle Of Constructing A Cabinet.


Image Copyrighted To Copiesofcopies


Electrical plugs should be placed where you need them

Microwave, ovens, electrical kettle and coffee makers — so what do these have in common? Well, they need electricity to run! Unless you intend to cluster all your electronic kitchen appliances together or tolerate their wires running all over your kitchen counter, then it makes sense for you to install multiple electrical outlets along the kitchen counter so that there is electricity wherever you need it.

You are wrong if you think that electrical plugs should be constructed on the kitchen walls. Well, there are actually many cool options of hiding the electrical plugs and here is one!


Image Copyrighted To Thekitchendesignstudio


Image Copyrighted To Miskcooks


If You Like To Listen To Music While Working In Your Kitchen, You Can Also Set Aside A Special Plug For Your Electronic Devices Such As Ipod Or Mp3 Player. Maybe You Can Set Aside One For Ipad Too If You Use It Regularly For Food Recipes!


Image From Media-Cache-Ak0.Pinimg.Com


Safety First

If you have children at home, you should consider constructing a knife drawer and keep these dangerous items safely stowed away out of their reach.


Image copyrighted to


If you fancy something more clandestine — somewhat like the action packed movies where the heroes or heroines hide their weapons in their fancy kitchen — you should consider a hidden knife compartment instead.


Image from


Eco-recycle drive begins at the kitchen

Let us do a part for the environment and kitchen is a good place to start recycling the waste. Simply set aside a recycle bin pull-out cabinet with separate compartments for paper, glass and plastic where it can be towed away when not in use.


Image Copyrighted To Hollman


If your cabinet has enough space, you should also include a paper shredder too!


Image Copyrighted To Apartmenttherapy


Hope That You Have Enjoyed This Post! Please Feel Free To Share If You Have Other Tips To Share With Us Too!

Have Fun Renovating Your Kitchen And Have A Great Week Ahead!

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