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Kitchen Renovation Tips for Singaporeans

In Singapore, many people often have their kitchen and bathroom areas renovated first. This is because the kitchen and bathroom areas are the ones that show the first signs of wear and tear. In this article we take a look at how kitchen renovation in Singapore does not have to be tedious and expensive. All you need is proper planning, a good eye, the help of a very reliable renovation contractor, an interior decorator if you can afford one and a very open minded attitude towards this project.


Here are a few useful tips to get your project started:

  • The right attitude comes a long way. Just because you have a very limited budget, it does not mean that you can sulk and just do with the ugliest of kitchen renovations. You deserve the best – if not, at least something better.
  • Quality materials make a difference. When buying the materials for your kitchen renovation, always choose ones that will endure, are sturdy and of good quality. The longer your materials stay put, the less you spend in the future. Make sure that you get quality woodwork for your cabinets, also make sure the hinges and locks are rust proof. Take a look at how the drawers close, if they stick together or not. Look at the door knob and how well it is placed. Avoid particleboard and instead, invest in quality wood. Wood or wood veneers are always better than melamine.
  • Make sure that the cabinet sizes are final and will withstand changes in technology and in times. In your kitchen renovation, make sure that your cabinets can be within arm’s length even when your little kids grow up. If you have a high ceiling, make the most out of it. Install shelves and rows of other storage spaces.

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