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14 Kitchen Renovation Must-Knows for Every Homeowner

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1. Open Shelves

Although concealed kitchen cabinets work wonders in keeping a space-challenged kitchen neat and organised, open shelves are still the easiest to install and the most cost-effective solution to maximize awkward corner spaces.

Design: ArtMuse Interior

2. Kitchen Herbs

Growing your own kitchen garden is the most effective way to stock up your kitchen with fresh herbs. For best results, keep each herb separated from each other with its own pot of soil so that you can customize the amount of water and nutrients individually. The recommended varieties that thrive well next to a windowsill includes rosemary, thyme, basil and mint.

3. Wall Clock

A traditional wall clock is an essential part of the kitchen since it doubles up both as a time keeper and as well as a statement wall decor.

Designer: Pinterest

4. Kitchen Trash Cans

Countertop trash can keep the kitchen countertop neat and free from trash and food waste. They work best when they are placed next to the food preparation area.

Source: Remodelista

5. Under Cabinet Lights

Task lighting, which is usually hidden inside and under the kitchen cabinets adds atmosphere, functionality and dramatic style to your kitchen.

Design: Czarl Architects

6. Induction Cooker

Since an induction cooker is very heat efficient, most of its energy is used to heat the cooking pans. As a result, kitchens stay cooler due to reduced heat loss. In addition, induction cooker is much easier to clean too due to its minimalist design.

7. Electrical Points

Set aside enough power points for your kitchen appliance needs and spread them evenly across the kitchen countertop to avoid crowding the kitchen appliances in one corner.

Design: Charlotte’s Carpentry

8. Kitchen Sink

It is more difficult to wash large items in double kitchen sink bowls. Furthermore, double kitchen sink bowls are also harder to fit in smaller kitchens. However, they are more versatile, since one sink can be used for food preparation while another can be used for washing up.

Design: Dots ‘n’ Tots Interior Design

9. Fridge

It is important to keep the kitchen fridge away from heat sources, which means that it should be placed away from direct sunlight and away from heat-generating appliances such as toasters, ovens, and microwaves.

10. Floor Tiles

The wet kitchen has a high foot traffic and also suffers from frequent surface water contamination due to accidental splashes and spillage. R10 tiles are anti-slip tiles which possess normal static friction between the tile surface and the foot base.

11. Fire Safety

There are many different types of fire extinguishers they include the Type A, B, CO2, dry powder and wet chemical fire extinguishers. However, only the wet chemical fire extinguishers are effective in putting out kitchen fires where cooking oil and electrical fires are involved.

Source: The Grommet

12. Kitchen Island

Kitchen island instantly transforms a kitchen into a social hub. However, contrary to popular belief, a small kitchen can benefit from a small custom-fabricated island which is outfitted with power plugs and plenty of built-in storage.

Design: Artistroom

13. Mobile Kitchen Cart

Mobile kitchen carts are most flexible and convenient way to provide additional storage space in the kitchen. They do not take up much space since they can be towed away in a corner when they are not in use.

14. Vertical Space

Making most of the vertical space is especially crucial for tiny kitchens. Simple, economical ideas such as installing under cabinet hooks for hanging mugs, setting up shelves and spice racks help to maximize the untapped vertical space the most effectively.

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