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8 Kitchen Design Trends in Singapore You Might See More of in 2018

As we welcome November, there’s a poignant realisation that 2017 is drawing to a close. This year has seen its share of design trends. At one point, the world had a brief affair with Millennial Pink and a more lingering relationship with the wild and crazy jungalow. Locally, we’ve showed a tenacious loyalty towards minimalist and loft designs, as well as an unshakeable confidence towards the fuss-free and functional Scandinavian style.

In regards to kitchen trends, the scene is constantly changing. Islands have come and gone in 2017; the chalkboard wall fell out of favour earlier this year; copper accents have relegated to the back cupboards only to be replaced by brass and gold details; and all-white kitchens finally ran their course.

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With 2018 arriving in just under two months, we can’t wait to see what new trends will await us. While only time will tell, here are a few trends that we’ve been seeing more of in kitchens in Singapore. And perhaps they will be a staple in the pantry for 2018.


1. Top cabinets begone

Our local obsession for more storage and even more storage has taken a backseat as we usher in a new era of top cabinet absenteeism. Instead, we’re embracing bare top walls, or replacing cabinets with open shelves, racks and cubbies instead. Without the visual-heavy upper cupboards, our small kitchens might finally look bigger.

Design: The 80’s Studio

Design: Versaform


2. Look ma, no handles

It seems we cannot get enough of minimalism, and our kitchen designs reflect that. Cabinet fronts are now going handle-less. It’s contemporary and classy, but the best part? It also offers a clutter-free look with minimal effort.

Design: akiHAUS

Design: Linear Space Concepts


3. The dark side

Dark kitchens have slowly been creeping in since the beginning of the year, and we’re definitely going to see more of them next year. The look is particularly striking, and works well even in small kitchens. To get the affect, you can opt for dark walls or dark cabinets. While dark kitchens are probably here to stay, we can’t really see the traditional all-white and all-bright kitchens disappearing forever.

Design: UNO Interior


4. Double trouble with two-toned cabinets

So two-toned cabinets aren’t exactly a new thing in the kitchen design world, but it has been trending for a while now and it seems people are picking up on the trend. It’s a great way to add colour to your cooking zone without going overboard, and it helps to add a visual depth to the space. Lighter upper cabinets also help to create the illusion of a taller ceiling, and goodness knows we all need them in our Lilliputian HDB homes.

Design: A.RK Interior Design

Design: Richfield Integrated


5. Make a statement with pendants

When it comes to kitchen lighting, spotlights, rather than pendants, have generally been the more popular choice in Singapore because of the former’s illuminating prowess. But we’re not giving up on the pendant just yet. Design-savvy homeowners have been embracing the statement pendant to serve as a focal point to the kitchen. We reckon it works best for kitchens with an island or a dining peninsula.

Design: The Scientist


6. Keeping up with the Joneses

Smart kitchens are the future. We’re seeing appliances that are intelligent enough to deem when food is cooked and ready to serve, refrigerators with sensors that can open themselves when our hands are full, and cookware that can be linked with apps to create culinary perfection. Smart kitchens aren’t all about gadgetry however. It’s also about spatial organisation and maximising the space we have to make the most of our kitchen experience. In this aspect, we’re seeing cabinet solutions that help make reaching out for items within easier as well as ones that are making full use of every awkward nook and cranny in the kitchen.

Design: Icon Interior Design

Design: Icon Interior Design


7. Going Shaker style

Cemented as a cabinetry classic, Shaker style cabinets have been around for a really long time. (They were introduced by the Shaker religious community who had an unwavering commitment to simplicity of life, which led them to design their own furniture). But it was only in the recent couple of years that these cabinet designs were given hipster status thanks to the design crusade towards minimalism. It’s now suddenly cool to have them. For the uninitiated, the design features a recessed panel with clean and straightforward lines, and it has great appeal no matter what kitchen design you’re after.


Design: Fifth Avenue Interior


8. Goodbye islands and hullo, breakfast counter?

With islands slowly ebbing their way out of local kitchens – practically, there just isn’t enough space – we’re embracing its smaller cousin, the breakfast counter. Reminiscent of the café style that we’ve all come to revere, it’s perhaps also a wistful longing for unhurried mornings. They can be affixed even in the smallest of kitchens, and are multipurpose enough to serve as a home office even. If you get them in the height of your kitchen counters, you will even get extra countertop space.

Design: Fifth Avenue Interior



Do you see any of these trends going into 2018? Which are you likely to follow?


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