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Keeping Your Home Mould-Free

You may think that the mould in your bathroom or certain parts of your house is harmless but do you know that if left unchecked, the mould can actually harm your health? It’s a common type of indoor air pollution that can trigger symptoms such as skin and eye irritation, headaches, sinuses, allergies as well as asthma attacks. There have even been cases where people with chronic lung diseases developed mould infections in their lungs. In other words, you should be very very concerned when you suspect that mould is infesting your home.

Where Can You Find Mould?

Mould can survive in every type of environment, both indoors and outdoors. They grow best in warm, damp and humid conditions, and reproduce by spores that can survive even in harsh dry conditions. Common areas within the home where mould can be found are typically places where dampness is a problem e.g. toilets, bathrooms and kitchens. Even if you cannot detect any mould within your home, the presence of a musty odour is a sure sign that mould or mildew is present. Mould will spread over a large area should you leave it alone and the resulting mould colony may even encourage termites to move into your territory.

Places where you may find mould include: ceiling, below the sink in the kitchen, pipes in your bathroom, wall cavities, under the carpet, furniture, and air-conditioning ducts.

How To Get Rid Of Mould?

Visible mould that you can find on non-porous material can be easily wiped away with bleach. Mould growing on porous materials such as drywall may prove to be more challenging as you will have to cut away the portion where the mould is found. This is often done to prevent mould from spreading as it would already have infested the material thoroughly.

Avoid disturbing large colonies of mould as the spores will spread and worsen the problem. Make sure that the proper containment is done or hire a mould buster expert.

How To Stop The Mould Infestation?

The easiest way is to constantly stay on top of any moisture-inducing problems. Check and fix any leakage in all parts of your house, especially under the sink and bathrooms. Air out areas where you think moisture may be a problem and get dehumidifiers to lower the level of humidity in your home. Watch out for water stains on your walls as well. If you live in a house that has roof gutters, then do have them cleaned out regularly.

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