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Keeping Kids Safe During Renovations


Renovations are hazardous – both for children and adults. Nails poking out, rough edges unpolished and the smell of paint and varnish are just some of the dangers. As parents, it is your job to make your home at least a wee bit safe for your kids while renovation is ongoing.

Here are some important safety reminders to keep your kids safe despite your home renovation:

  • Be careful of the chemicals used while renovating. Some kids have suffered lead poisoning due to lead paint. Lead poisoning causes irritability, appetite problems and stunted growth. Lead paint hasn’t been used in most homes since the late seventies but it still would not hurt that the paint you choose for your home is eco-friendly and kid safe.
  • Be actively involved in the selection of materials for your renovation. Many of you may not know the hazards of choosing pressure treated lumber. Pressure treated is quite common – many cabinets, furniture, doors and even partitions are made of this. Fact is, pressure treated lumber has been treated with preservatives such as chromated copper arsenic. This preservative extends the life of the wood as it helps keep other living organisms from living in it. However, it is harmful to people especially children and pregnant women as the chemicals in it can seep through.
  • Avoid asbestos at all cost as it poses great danger to you and your kids’ health. Old homes made before 1970s contained asbestos. Asbestos was used as fire retardant. Sometimes, it can be found in shingles, roofing, flooring, tile adhesives or vinyl sheet flooring. Asbestos causes heavy lung problems which range from pleural thickening, to mesothelioma, to lung cancer.
  • Set boundaries with your kids. Other immediate dangers may include injuries from hammers, saws, nails and sharp edges. In these cases, always make sure that you cordon off the renovation area or inform your kids regularly to stay away from the area to avoid injuries.

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