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Keep Your Family Safe with the 4 Rings of Protection (ADT)

Home security has always been an utmost concern for many people. This is especially so when you have young children and elderly people at home, who may inadvertently put themselves in danger when you’re not around. From external security threats and fire hazards at home to medical emergencies, there are a number of ways your loved ones can get themselves hurt.

In fact, do you know that the total number of fires attended by SCDF in 2012 is 4,485 and that a whopping 71.7% involved residential premises according to statistics by the National Fire and Civil Emergency Preparedness Council (NFEC)? The Singapore Police Force also reported 507 housebreaking and related crimes for the same year. While this figure registered a 20-year low, it’s still quite alarming especially when you can’t be at home all the time to look after your family and property.

As the saying goes, prevention is always better than cure. Instead of suffering the consequences when such incidents happen, it’s definitely better to take precautions now. Whether it’s a fire hazard, medical emergency or unwanted intruders, investing in a reliable security system will help to mitigate these risks and give you greater peace of mind when you’re not at home.

One such system is the 24/7 security monitoring solution offered by ADT, a global fire and security company. Its monitoring centre provides round-the-clock service for your home and should there be any emergency situation, an ADT agent will contact you in real time. If you need an on-site service to check on the situation at home, ADT is also able to despatch their officers to verify and give you a status report.

With a rich repertoire of experience from serving over 7 million customers in more than 50 countries, you can be sure that ADT has the necessary expertise to help you mitigate household risks and deter unwanted crimes.


How It Works

Here is a simple diagram to illustrate how the ADT system works:


When you subscribe to ADT Security System, your home will be connected to the monitoring centre that is manned by a team of security and safety professionals around the clock. In the event of a burglary or fire hazard, an alarm will be automatically triggered and the system will send a signal to the monitoring centre where the security team will alert the appropriate authorities. The same goes for gas leaks, burst pipes and even if an elderly family member has had a bad fall at home. You can even customise your own system to a certain degree, because ADT knows that their customers have a wide variety of needs and requirements.


4-Ring Protection Plan

The ADT Security concept focuses on FOUR rings of protection to offer well-rounded protection via a 24/7 monitoring service for home and business owners.


  1. First Ring: The ADT decal warns would-be intruders that the premises are protected, thereby providing an effective deterrence to potential burglars.
  2. Second Ring: This refers to the perimeter protection provided by ADT sensors on your gates, main doors, and windows. Any attempted break-in will automatically be picked up even before the burglar enters your home.
  3. Third Ring: The motion and other interior sensors will detect any intrusion and alert the monitoring centre accordingly.
  4. Fourth Ring: The ADT 24/7 Monitoring Centre is manned by a team of highly trained security professionals.


ADT equipment

Cool, right? If you don’t have a security system to look after your home and are always worried about your family’s safety, maybe it’s time to check out ADT’s security solutions. When you take the first step to understanding your security options and their respective benefits, it will definitely go a long way to ensuring that your home will always be a safe haven for your family!


For more information, call 1800 881 1111 to speak with one of their friendly consultants or visit their website at

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