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Juicing Up Your Life

Recently, I’m quite into drinking juices. Well, you can’t blame me since fruits and vegetables are a major source of vitamins and minerals like calcium! The ABC (apple, beetroot and carrot) juice, for instance, is known as a miracle drink due to all the health benefits you gain from it. One advantage is apparently keeping the skin young and free of problems like pimples. XD

If you intend to juice at home, then you probably should get a good juicer for your everyday juice fix. Why a juicer instead of a blender? You may ask. Blenders do not separate the pulp and fibre from the juice, so all you get is a mixture of everything from the fruit aka a smoothie. A juicer, on the other hand, separates the juice from the pulp and gives you liquid goodness in a glass. Most juicers, however, give you soggy pulp that is good for nothing but the trash. You can probably get something like the Coway Juicepresso, which does what a juicer does AND gives you dry pulp that can be used for other purposes such as baking!


The Coway Juicepresso is a unique slow juicer with a 3-in-1 Smart Extraction System that extracts every single drop of juice with a slow and thorough screw rotation. It’s also designed with an advanced safety technology that prevents your fingers from reaching the ultem screw because a protection layer is installed inside the juicer outlet. It’ll also automatically stop if the hopper is not closed properly or the system is clogged. Oh, and if you’re worried about the noise, the Juicepresso has only a low operational noise of 55 decibels. XD

You can also check out their list of recipes where you can try making food like blueberry pancake, carrot cake and even Autumn squash cream soup. Are…you poisoned yet? Hehe…you can get this delightful juicer in red or silver at all Mayer Marketing Showrooms. Retail price: $798.

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