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This Japanese-style Interior Will Make You Want To Revamp Your Home

Sorry but we think modern and scandinavian designs are starting to saturate the market. Do not be mistaken, it’s not that these themes are not beautiful in their own way, they very much are. But life is all about having fun and changing things up every once in a while. So we’re introducing a house that has a slightly more unique concept — Japanese!

Most of us love Japanese food, from the mouthwatering range of donburi to the refreshing varieties of sashimi. But food aside, have you ever thought about having a Japanese-themed home? Perhaps this post could give you some insight and inspiration. Hajimemashou!




The ingenious arrangement of various wood textures and the creamy, warm colour scheme blend together perfectly to form an aesthetically pleasing image. Here, everything looks clean and neat (a typical characteristic of Japanese design), and spaciousness and ease of movement are greatly facilitated because of the simple concept.





The chiselled design is taken to another level with the placement of eccentric art pieces around the house. The designer has opted for minimal lighting design, as evident through the house. As a result, there are no fancy lights to distract from the minimalist beauty of this space. Upon taking a closer look, one realises that meticulous planning has been involved down to the accessories and items on display. Japanese-looking cutlery, Japanese alcohol, even the cushions that adorn the dining chairs — they all fit into overall design seamlessly.



The sliding Shoji-esque doors further emphasises the Japanese theme. It’s almost as though we’ve stepped into a traditional Japanese home.


The bathroom is another work of art. Vanity cupboards finished off with shiny mirror panels visually enlarge the space even more. The designer not only has a knack for enhancing space, but also has a good eye for combining colours and textures appropriately. If my bathroom looked like that, I would probably be taking three or four baths a day.


With its conservative and cutting-edge concept, this design sure impresses in more ways than one. What do you think?

Interior Designer: Copper Design Associates
Location: Faber Crest

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