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Italian Aesthetics. Modern Functionality. Ariston Water Heaters

Unless you’re a polar bear, the water heater is an indispensable part of everyday life in Singapore. While cold water is purported to benefit your health, warm water also helps to promote blood flow to your skin and allow your tired muscles to relax especially after a hard workout. The usual water heaters we can buy in Singapore can be divided into 3 categories: instant, storage and gas. All 3 have their own pros and cons, so it ultimately depends on your lifestyle. But if you think the storage water heater is a better alternative but dislike the usual bulky shape, then you’re in luck for Ariston has a range of swanky storage water heaters that will enhance the overall beauty of your remodelled bathroom.

So how is the Ariston Andris water heater series different from the other brands available in the market? Well, for one, it’s designed by Umberto Palermo, a top Italian designer who has lent his flair to many top automobile designs. Just take a look at the sleek silhouettes of the following water heaters by Ariston.

The latest Andris R series to be launched in 2015
1) Andris LUX (15L and 30L)   2) SL 30 (20L)    3) SL30 QH (30L)    4) Andris RS (15L and 30L)


Andris R (15L: $259, 30L: $289)
[currently available at all leading sanitary dealers and electronic superstores island-wide]


This wall-hung electric storage water heater is indeed the epitome of luxury and functionality because not only does it look good, it also promises extra durability though the use of a copper heating element—a recyclable material that ensures more hygienic water output with its antimicrobial effect. Ariston also prides itself on theTotal Safety System (TSS), which is guaranteed by Ariston products all over the world. In fact, the water heaters have been certified by the most safety organisations in the world, with the world’s strictest quality and safety standards such as IEC (International Electrotechnical Commission) and SS (Singapore Standards). If you’ve read the news about fatal cases caused by faulty water heaters, you know that safety is a very important factor so don’t risk it with your life!

3 Prominent Features:

  • THERMOSTAT: A first-level safety feature, it stops the heating when the desired water temperature has been reached.
  • THERMAL CUT-OUT: The second-level safety feature, the protection sensor incorporates a thermal cut-out to disconnect poles to the appliance if it overheats.
  • PRESSURE RELIEF VALVE: Last but not least, the pressure valves are regulated to reduce water pressure building up in the tank and plays an important part in preventing any unexpected failures of the water heater.



The star of this series; the flagship AN LUX model will be integrated with the revolutionary AG+ technology, the first of its kind in a water heater in Singapore. Basically, active AG+ ions will be released into the water tank where it will halt the proliferation of common bacteria such as E. Coli, salmonella, legionella, and mould fungi. It’s also equipped with a double wall sentinel heating element that is made from titanium and imported from Italy, so you know that this particular class of water heater is way above the rest. The insulation goes beyond the mandatory safety standards and durability for your home as well, because it also has energy saving properties.

Now your designer bathroom won’t be marred by bulky looking water heaters anymore!



If you’re getting your keys to your new home next year or are planning to change to a newer model in the near future, then do check out the Ariston Andris range of water heaters!

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