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It May Be Worth Visiting Laminate Factory

A Catalog of Laminates are Never Enough

As all new homeowners, we had a fairly good idea of how we wanted to plan our space, so we met with many IDs to get several design ideas. In the process, we solidified our ideas and finally engaged one particular ID to kickstart the renovation work. One thing that made this ID stand out from the ones we visited was this: there was always a wall displaying eye-catching laminate chips in their showroom.

Lamitak-blog-01Design Process with all the Laminate Samples

Our ID had mentioned that our house will be featuring laminates which will look very much like the real thing. When he suggested Lamitak to us, we decided to make a trip down to TAK at Sungei Kadut to find out more. We were pleasantly surprised at how grand the presentation of the showroom was. We were able to see even bigger pieces than our chips. When we went to their “storage yard” to physically see the laminates in their full size and glory, our initial choice was changed.

Lamitak-blog-02TAK Reception

Lamitak-blog-03Laminate Sample Chips

Lamitak-blog-04More Samples in Larger Format

Lamitak-blog-05Tables Available for Discussion

Lamitak-blog-06Discussion Room

Lamitak-blog-07TAK Office

It was a good thing that we were able to see our selected laminate in large format, therefore putting it in perspective for us. We selected Designer White (SCA 5101D), Canele York Teak (WY 5230D), and Daffodil (SCX 5137D) for the accents.

After living in the house for 3 weeks now, we have come to realise that the laminates are resistant to scratch, heat, and moisture. In addition, they are also easy to maintain. For basic cleaning, we used a normal cleaning solution available in any supermarket.

Lamitak-blog-08Shoe Cabinet

Lamitak-blog-09Laminate for False Ceiling

Lamitak-blog-10Living Room Work In Progress. Almost There!

Lamitak-blog-11TV Console

Lamitak-blog-12TV Console Display




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